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      The duckling group held the "May Day" celebration and the 2018-2019 annual commendation conference!

      2019-04-30 00:00:00

      On April 30, the duckling group celebrated the "May Day" and the 2018-2019 annual commendation conference. The leading group of duckling group attended the meeting, and more than 400 representatives of all management personnel, leading groups of each unit, production backbone and management supervisor above the group leader, as well as advanced collective and advanced individual commended attended the meeting.



      (li yonggang, party secretary, chairman and general manager of duckling group)


      (deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the commission for discipline inspection, and chairman of the labor union, shao jihua)


      (wu qiang, deputy general manager of duckling group)


      (wang zinan, deputy general manager of duckling group)


      (zhao fu, deputy general manager of duckling group)


      (pan kuixin, assistant general manager of duckling group)

      The meeting was presided over by shao jihua, deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the commission for discipline inspection and chairman of the labor union. He pointed out that in the past year, the vast number of cadres and workers closely focused on the business objectives and tasks set by the group, actively responded to various difficulties, accurately grasped market opportunities, earnestly implemented the work plan of the group, made great progress in various business operations, and maintained a good development trend in economic indicators.

      [meeting begins in solemn 'national anthem of the People's Republic of China']

      Especially since 2019, the broad masses of cadres and workers unswervingly implement the group "optimize structure, prominent main business, pooling resources, crossing transformation" work principle, have sprung up in the path of sustainable development, a group of prominent advanced collectives and advanced individuals, they are in the market marketing, technological innovation, based manufacturing, quality management, and other aspects have done a lot of solid and effective work. Commending and rewarding advanced models is not only the affirmation of their work achievements, but also the care, love and encouragement for them. It is also the magic weapon for the group to make continuous progress in the long-term development process, which is of great significance for the comprehensive realization of the goal of 2019.


      Wu qiang, deputy general manager of the group, read out the commendation decision, and "decision" was awarded the title of "advanced division" for 8 divisions including the wheel equipment manufacturing department of shandong duckling seiko machinery co., LTD. Awarded the title of "excellent team" to 14 teams including the landscape project department of shandong duckling group; Awarded "excellent QC team" to 2 teams including lean QC team of shandong duckling retail equipment co., LTD. Zhong cuiping was awarded the title of "science and technology model" by 9 comrades. Awarded the title of "sales model" to 9 comrades including zhang zhenxing; Honored xu jinting and 10 other comrades as "young shock workers"; Zheng linlin and 69 other comrades were awarded the title of "advanced worker".

      (for advanced group and individual, prizes include kamaz duckling horizontal refrigerator, mini duck cooking washer and cash award)

      Meeting, sales markers on behalf of the doggie, science and technology markers representative Zhong Cuiping YueXiuChao respectively, jinan craftsmen to speak, they are based on jobs, coruscate work passion, with practical action to show the elegant demeanour of laborer, explained the spirit of labor, with a heart for the enterprise of high quality and exemplary deeds, to the full display the look of a new era of the duckling labor worker, inspiration to inspire everyone to attend.


      (speech by li shuzhong on behalf of zhang zhenxing, retail equipment company of duckling group)

      微信圖片_20190522093431.jpg(representative of science and technology model zhong cuiping makes a typical speech)


      (typical speech by jinan craftsman yue xiuchao)

      Duck group party secretary, chairman, general manager li yonggang made an important speech. He expresses warm congratulation to the advanced collective that wins an award above all and advanced individual, the broad worker that struggles hard in each post extends festival greeting and lofty respect! He pointed out that over the past year, the group has made major breakthroughs in market development, technology research and development, brand management, quality and efficiency improvement, which has strongly promoted the healthy and sustainable development of various industries. These achievements are the result of the sales, research and development, production, management and other fronts of the comrades' intelligence and hard work, full of the selfless dedication of the vast number of workers and creative vitality, showing the duckling people love their work, dare to fight hard, have the courage to fight, dedication spirit and excellent character.


      Chairman li yonggang analyzed the development status and advantages of the group, and conceived a beautiful blueprint for a new era and a new duckling. He stressed that pragmatic group industry will be held after the development direction and goals more clearly, the charge of the horns have sounded, hoped everybody advanced model as example, coagulation hearts meet force, emancipate the mind, don't I stay while in the sense of urgency were devoted to the career of the reform and development of group, realize the revival of the duckling group, let the duckling "call" more loud and clear!

      To feedback has for years been concerned about, help the duckling, support the development of friends from all walks of life and strive for the duckling cause overcoming difficulties, the masses of cadres and workers, group is a good time to borrow the May Day celebration meeting, held a big promote five and product promotion, to promote the washing machine and water heater products, and feedback in the most favorable purchase price.


      (comrade zhang xiaochen of the comprehensive office of duckling group introduces the activity process)


      (comrade han keqiang of duckling group household appliance company makes product recommendation)


      (product introduction by xu zhidan of small household appliance company of duckling group)

      The promotion was launched on April 26 (please mark the 40th anniversary of the duckling). With great enthusiasm. After three days of preheating, the meeting reached the climax of the event, by the group chairman li yonggang draw lucky prize - the value of 2399 yuan hanging duck washing machine.

      At the meeting also launched a washing machine products rob the list of activities, everyone actively participate in them, have taken out mobile phone scanning rob the list of two-dimensional code, compete for free of charge lucky, the whole venue was filled with a warm and cheerful atmosphere.

      (there is a competition between "hand speed" and "Internet speed".)

      Duckling group leader announced the lucky winner of the successful order.

      Finally, the ceremony concluded successfully in the solemn internationale.


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