Glossier Haul & First Impressions

Oh what a surprise, it's another gal banging on about Glossier. I would apologise, but the *sorry, not sorry* phrase springs to mind here people - I AM OBSESSED. Yes, I am yet another person pulled in by the well-deserved hype of Glossier, which if you have been living under a rock for the past week, has finally launched in the UK for us British beauty obsessives. I have literally been waiting for this day ever since I visited the Glossier boutique in New York back in March, and although I went a little crazy, it was preempted so I had time to come to terms with how much money I'd probably drop on the stuff (my credit card, however, wasn't prepared for the bashing it got - oops).

I only bought a couple of things when I was in New York and ever since I returned to the UK my Glossier wish list has grown substantially and I just couldn't deal with the FOMO of seeing other bloggers buying the stuff. Plus, it's the perfect brand to photograph, so that's my justification. Not only that, I bloody love the ethos behind the brand (and the editorial platform it was born from) and the simplicity it promotes, despite being used to putting all the makeup on my face - I guess it's now a good time to learn how to strip back.

Ps, excuse the plug but I am gonna say now that if you are pondering on the idea of splurging on Glossier, please shop via this link to receive 10% off (which means I also get a little bit of credit to help enable me to make another purchase teehee).

So, what did I buy? Quite a bit actually...

When I went to the New York Glossier boutique, I was purchasing for both myself and a friend. I was meant to buy us both the Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser, but somehow only remembered to pick her one up (I KNOW) so the first thing I knew I was going to buy was that. I decided to get the Glossier Phase 1 Set, which not only came with the cleanser but the Priming Moisturiser and Balm Dotcom, two products I had been dying to try. I got the Balm Dotcom in the Birthday edition, which FYI smells INCREDIBLE. Literally like an American cupcake. It's also glittery, so what's not to love? The cleanser is great for a morning facial wash or second cleanse, but not for a first cleanse/makeup remover, while the Priming Moisturiser makes a lovely product for makeup prep, while also feeling really hydrating on the skin.


That was it for skincare (for now...) so, on to makeup; the first thing I knew I wanted to try was the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. At first, I wasn't sure how I would get on with this, mainly because it's all about refining skin tone and providing very little in terms of coverage. Surprisingly, I kinda liked it, especially for 'no makeup' days. This works to even out discolouration and leaves your face looking extremely dewy. This is not for you if you want it to hide your freckles or erase blemishes, so not something I'd necessarily wear every day because I am not that confident... I got the shade Light, and it's the perfect match for my Caspar white complexion. The Stretch Concealer is something I had already, but I LOVE it; it's the best concealer for pesky under eye circles and brightens the area in an instant.

My favourite makeup product I picked up was the Glossier Boy Brow, which is not dissimilar to Benefit's Gimme Brow. This whipped my brows into shape almost instantly and is very quick and easy to work with. I got the shade Brown, which again was a perfect match and it kept my beasty brows tamed very well throughout the day.


The one product I am not yet sure of is the Glossier Wowder Powder, but I think this was because the rest of my look was very natural and glowy and I didn't want to matte my face down. I definitely need to put this to the test more on non-dewy days as it's meant to cut shine, blur the appearance of pores and set makeup in a way that it still looks like skin - no chalky film or cakeyness to be seen. I applied this on my chin and under my eyes, and I did like the appearance of it, but like I said it just wasn't something to be used with the look I was going for at the time of my testing video (I try on all the products in my latest YouTube video).

Something I can totally get on board with is the Glossier Haloscope in Quartz, a universally flattering pearlescent highlighter. Fusing together the benefits of skincare with makeup, Halowscope offers a dual-delivery formula: the outer halo is infused with genuine crystal extracts for all-day enlightenment, with a solid oil core of vitamin-rich moisturisers for a hydrated, dewy finish. What I love about this is that it provides a natural looking glow without the glitter of traditional highlighters. Probably one of my favourite Glossier discoveries, for sure!

Another product I liked but wasn't completely wowed by was the Generation G Lipstick. I was really happy with my choice of shade - Jam - and it's perfect for slipping into the side pocket of my handbag for when I want to swipe and go. It's almost like a 'bitten lip' hue which ties the natural, dewy look together with a nice pop of colour. It's meant to provide the look and finish of just-blotted lipstick, without the blot, which I guess it does - it's definitely ideal for everyday wear but not the one if you want punchy pigment.

Overall, I am really happy with my purchases and am very excited to try more from the range - I have got my eye on the skin masks in particular. Have you made an order yet? If so, what did you get and what do I need to try?

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