I'm Back // Where have I been?

So where have I been? I’m gonna be honest with you and say I ultimately caved and gave up. The blog has been with me for so many years and I started to feel uninspired, deflated and hated the content I was producing. My blog just wasn’t going anywhere, however much work I put into it and that’s not a good feeling. My mental health has taken a bit of a beating and I’ve genuinely felt so tired and negative upon waking most days that the thought of blogging just added to my stress. I didn’t want to do anything but come home, slip into my pjs and fall into the deep hole that is endless TV. If I am being really truthful, I also felt no one was reading my blog anymore; there were much better blogs out there creating glossy editorial content that ultimately, I felt too exhausted to compete.

Comparing myself to others has always been detrimental to my mental health and blogging fuelled those feelings a lot; I started to feel like I wasn’t good enough, nobody liked me anyway and no one would notice if I just stopped. I think the bottom line is that I lost my way, I had no creative juice spilling from my veins and I was unhappy, therefore I decided to take a break. One month off turned into two and before I knew it I hadn’t blogged for a good three months. To be fair, I have been very busy planning hen dos, attending weddings and going on holiday but I put my efforts into my Youtube (subscribe to me if ya fancy a big ol’ cringe fest) and have been really enjoying that a lot more. It was all well and good until I realised I was getting the bug back for writing and missed the photography aspect of blogging A LOT - I have been trying with Instagram but y'know, I just can't beat the algorithm. Those that don’t know, I also write for a living so as you can imagine, coming home every single day and having to write my blog felt tedious; I felt like I had exhausted my creative skills for the day. That being said, as each day went on that I didn’t blog, I missed it. I started to get jealous watching others post amazing blog content and admiring the photography of others gave me fire in my belly - I wanted to do that again! Falling in love with the work of others strangely made me miss my own.

So here I am, giving blogging another go. I have refreshed the design a wee bit to give it a new lease of life and I have finally said goodbye to floral-etiquette.com because it simply wasn't me anymore; I’m not the same gal as when I first started this blog and I’ve come to realise that I shouldn’t be ashamed of that. And with that, welcome to jemlouise.com, a document of my life and outlandish beauty obsession...

Photo c/o Becca!

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