5 beauty products I can't be without

When people ask me what my favourite products are, I quite literally roll off what could be a whole shopping list of items; It's just too hard to decide. There are lots of beauty products I adore, those holy grail items you now can't imagine your makeup bag without, and for me, there's a lot of them. With that being said, there are certain products I know now that I would never be able to part with, so here are 5 beauty products I can't be without...

Ps. I could have done 50, but I've stuck with those that I have repurchased and, well, just can't go any length of time without using.

This is one of those products that I was skeptical about initially due to the intense hyper surrounding it. There was no need, because the hype is justified. For someone who likes to wear their hair naturally wavy 98% of the time, my hair can get a bit limp and frizzy if not executed properly. I find this spray works best after I have slept with my hair wet (yes, really I do that) to ensure it has dried wavy, put a few curls in and then spritz away. This adds extra texture, as the name would suggest, but allows me to tszuj it to the point where it looks effortless but equally put together. I also love the smell of this and I wouldn’t know how to style my hair without it.

Since being introduced to this pencil (actually that word doesn’t do this brow wizard justice) I haven’t been able to go without it. I have repurchased this a number of times and if I do run out, my eyebrows just don’t look right. The colour is blendable, the nib ultra-fine fine and precise and as for the spool, it’s a bloody good spoolie. Within just a few strokes I welcome filled and defined brows that last all day. Brow game is always strong with this in my kit.

All I have to say about this mascara is BEST THING EVER. For a gal who has little going on in the lash department, this is my holy grail lash saviour. This mascara quite literally lifts and rolls my lashes and opens up my eyes so that they resemble more than their usual slits. I’ve been using this mascara ever since it launched and I can’t remember how many I’ve got through, but it’s a lot.

Oh Alpha-H, my skincare superhero. Y’know I love a skincare acid, as this is the one I always reach for regularly. I have been trying the Pixi Glow Tonic recently and came to the realisation that it just didn’t compare to this bad boy. This sorts my skin out almost instantly and I’m addicted to the glow I get upon waking. It’s not the cheapest skincare item on the market, but it’s one I’m happy to invest in. I panic when I don’t have a back up of this stuff. No, seriously I do…

Since discovering this concealer, I very rarely use anything else. I used to be a NARS Creamy Concealer kinda gal, and although I still have a soft spot for that product, nothing compares to this; it’s creamy, blendable and great coverage all while leaving a subtle brightening tone - great for the under eye!

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