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I have been aware of Ideal World for a while now but hadn't really explored into what brands it worked with. Ideal World is a shopping channel, I presume very similar to QVC (I don't really watch either but know I probs should 'cus they're all the rave), but recently this lovely little Ideal World Bloggers Box landed on my doorstep and had me feeling very intrigued. Ideal World works with a number of beauty brands and sells them exclusively across its TV channels and website - including the likes of Estée Lauder, Calvin Klein and Elizabeth Arden. Now, I am going to be honest and say I hadn't heard of many of the brands I have in my box, but that's great because it means I can explore new brands and hopefully use it as a way to discover new favourites.

I received a great mix of makeup and skincare, which is always fun! One of the brands I had received and heard of is the Makeup Eraser, which is a product that has many feeling sceptical (including myself in the beginning). What I will say is that it 100% works, but I have also had similar products with the same fabric that also work in the same way. I don't know how it gets makeup off, but it does and it does it fairly well. There's just one thing that I can't get on board with - the texture. The feeling of microfibre gives me this weird feeling, almost as if someone is scraping nails down a blackboard; It's just really hard to manoeuvre around your face and doesn't feel particularly nice. But for a quick way to remove makeup, it's a gooden.

The Skinn makeup bag also caught my attention - it's so bright and colourful and I am a sucker for a good quote. This is becoming a firm favourite in the photo props department! I have heard and written about Skinn by Dimitri James before for work, however have never actually tried it myself. There was this gorgeous eyeshadow palette in my box, which has 12 gorgeous shades in it that are right up my street. The palette is called Rosette, so as the name suggests, all pinky nudey hues that I love. The shimmers in this palette are beyond pigmented and so nice to blend - I can see myself using this a lot in upcoming makeup looks. I also received a mascara from the brand, which is pretty decent.

Elizabeth Grant is a brand I have never heard of before, but I now have my hands on its Moisture Stick, which I am presuming is a lip balm. This feels a little cheap to me in terms of packaging, but for chucking in your bag as your everyday lip balm, you can't really go wrong. I also got my hands on the Elizabeth Grant Graceful Angel Bath & Shower Gel, which is pink so obvs I was instantly drawn in. I haven't used this yet because I have so much shower gel, I could probs sell half of it to Boots, but I'm sure it will be lovely when I do as it smells GREAT.

Two products that I am super excited by are the Elizabeth Grant Wonder Effect Exfoliating Pads & Solution as I am partial to a bit of acid exfoliating, and the Liquilift Slender Wrap. I am not entirely sure what the latter actually is, but it says it's designed to target inch loss (all over that shit) and improve the appearance of uneven fatty deposits. I am trying to shift a bit of weight at the moment so I think I will try this closer to the time of my Friend's wedding. I'll report back for sure, but as ever, I am sceptical. I also got this light up mirror thing in my box, but sadly it didn't work and the pattern wasn't really very 'me'.

Have you tried any brands/products from Ideal World?

You can watch Ideal World on Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747, Freesat 812

*this post contains PR samples*

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