Switching up my stash // Spring Edit

I have been waiting for Spring for what seems like forever, and although technically the season has sprung, the weather has other ideas. Despite the fact it’s more like autumn outside, I decided to give my daily routine a shake up to get me in the mood for the changing season. During the spring, I’m all about a dewy complexion, all the highlighter and generally a fresher, springier look.

Base wise, I cannot recommend the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation enough, it’s the perfect foundation for spring and gives you the most refined, fresh glow - I love it. There’s nothing I like more than a lit-from-within look and this achieves that instantly. Mine is obvs the lightest shade, but the shade range spans far and wide. Oh, I do love a bit of Bobbi Brown. Paired with my new Glossier Stretched Concealer, my desired spring complexion is on point. This concealer is my best makeup discovery in so long, I’m obsessed with the way it provides coverage, but also the dewiness of skincare - almost like I have mixed eye cream with pigment. This doesn’t cake and blends best when patted in on used with a beauty blender; it really opens up my eyes and makes me look more awake than I actually am (Monday morning must have right there, gals!).

Interestingly, I tend to stick to powder products in the cooler seasons and switch them up with cream products in the spring and summer. Lately, I have really been loving using all cream products, especially for my base as they all blend so nicely together. I’ve been reaching for the Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff for my cheeks, simply ‘cus it’s the prettiest colour but also packs a punch - trust me, you only need the tiniest amount of this stuff. It blends so nicely though for a really healthy, natural-looking blush. This shade is perfect for us pale skin peeps that can’t go too crazy with blusher. I have then been opting for this Milk Makeup's Holographic Stick in the rather galactic shade, Supernova. It’s GORGEOUS and suitable for all wannabe unicorns or mermaids; it gives off a lovely sheen of prismatic hyper-lavender.

I’m going to contradict myself here as I have actually been using a powder bronzer as I am yet to find a nice cream one (any suggestions, holla!) but I do this last, after all my cream products have been applied, ‘cus otherwise things can get a bit patchy and who wants a patchy face? Not me pals, not me! This is a lovely bronzing shade from Savannah Miller x bagsy. It’s called the Bronzed Brilliance Shimmer Powder and it’s really subtle, even if it does look orange in this photo (I upped the saturation, soz babes).

For my eyes, I have basically stuck to my same hero products from Benefit, simply because I’ve not wanted to use anything else. The Benefit Precisely My Brow is my holy grail and as for Rollerlash, that’s just the best mascara for my lashes - LARVVVV IT SO MUCH. Lips wise, I’ve been straying away (slightly) from matte lips and opting for liquid lipsticks that are slightly more glossy or satiny. The NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound has been the most reached for in my stash… it’s so comfortable on the lips and is a lovely pinky brown hue that goes with most looks.

Although this is particularly makeup focused, I just had to mention Miller Harris’ La Feuille fragrance. It smells h.e.a.v.e.n.l.y. I got given this, which is super sad because I have fallen head over heels and probs won’t be able to buy it ever again (it’s so pricy it makes me weep). So citrusy and fresh, which is just what I want for spring. It reminds me of Lime Basil and Mandarin from Jo Malone for some reason…

What’s in your stash for spring?

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