New York 2017 // Travel Diary Part Two

 - - - - - - - - - D A Y  T H R E E - - - - - - - - -

We knew that the Wednesday and Thursday of our trip was going to be sunny (the iPhone is surprisingly accurate) so we smartly planned to do all the things that required good weather on those days. Day three brought some great adventures. First of all we traveled to Roosevelt Island via Cable car, which was a great little excursion. Now, there isn't much to be found at Roosevelt Island, but it was very novel to travel via cable car and briefly catch some views of the city. We took a little walk by the river and enjoyed the serenity of our surroundings. After a little while, we made our way to Central Park, but not before checking out sweetie heaven, AKA Dylan's Candy Bar. I had spotted this sugary sweet haven on Instagram and just knew I had to check it out. If you're a sweetie enthusiast like myself, you'd love this place - It's full to the brim with all sorts of candy as well as cute little knick knacks. Dylan's also stocks, which is one of my fave stationery brands - woop! I also couldn't pass up the opportunity of buying unicorn-themed sweets (obvs) and getting a pic with the giant Easter bunny, 'cus, well, YOLO. 

The weather was so glorious we just couldn't resist a stroll around Central Park. I hadn't really explored the park before so it was so nice to chill and discover its beauty. Not all those who wander are lost, ey? I honestly loved it here; the landscapes were mesmerising and the people/entertainers just brought so much life to the park. We took a wander to see the carousel, the Alice in Wonderland sculpture, the boat lake and the fountain, which weirdly had no water in it...

While in Central Park, we walked past the zoo, which was quite open considering it was a ticketed thing. I have quite strong views when it comes to zoos and I don't really approve of making animals perform tricks for the joy of human's. That being said, I did catch a glimpse of a very happy (surprisingly) seal who gave a little wave as we walked by. After stopping off for some obligatory photo ops, we realised our feet were KILLING. We had walked quite a way around the park - I knew it was big, but not that big. 

Next on the agenda was something I had been looking forward to since we booked our trip, the Top of the Rock. This was another thing I didn't get to do on my last trip, but my Mum and Sister hadn't done it either so it was great to experience something new together. I can't even explain how I felt here; it was beautiful and gave me all the feels. I just don't think I have ever been blown away by a city view as much as I was up there - it was out of this world. There's just something about being up high, away from the city, looking out on New York that brings so much joy. It helped that the sky was super blue, I must say.

The picture below took a while... but it was worth it (thanks Mum). You know when a photo says a thousand words? I believe this is the photo that does that. My heart truly felt like it belonged to New York in that moment. Bloody cheesy, but very true. 

 - - - - - - - - - - D A Y  F O U R  - - - - - - - - - - 

Thursday was a very busy day for us, but a very fun-filled one. To give us fuel for lots of walking, we headed straight to Big Daddy's, a quaint 50's style diner that served just what we had been dreaming about all week: PANCAKES. My sister and I knew we had to have at least one blow out breakfast on the trip (we'd eaten pretty decent breakfasts on days prior) and when I found this diner online the night before, I knew it was the one. I had originally planned to indulge in a rather large plate of cookie dough choc chip pancakes, but then I came to realise that my whole trip had been taken over by cookie dough (see previous post) so I opted for plain choc chip instead. These were so good; fluffy, gooey and everything you could hope for in an American pancake. I even ordered bacon on the side, because I don't do an American breakie lightly. My eyes (obvs) were bigger than my belly so I couldn't even finish them...

After breakfast, we got the subway to Williamsburg in Brooklyn for a casual wander and to see what amazing street art we could find. I'm a massive fan of street art and I loved discovering all the different murals. I don't think we went far enough into Williamsburg, but when I go back I think I'll spend much longer exploring all the side streets, or even take a street art tour - I didn't realise that was even a thing until I got back. 

No trip to Williamsburg would be done correctly without a trip to The Bagel Store. Bearing in mind I had just over indulged in pancakes, food wasn't really on the agenda. That didn't mean I couldn't pick one up for later! I surprised myself and opted for a small bagel and kept it plain, but gosh, you should have seen the different types of fillings on offer. WOAH. They looked good, I must admit. Kirsty from Fashion for Lunch inspired me to take the below photo, I just couldn't resist because I am as cliche as they come, init.

After realising it wasn't easy to get from Williamsburg to Dumbo (also in Brooklyn) we rode the subway back into Manhattan to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. I think this was my favourite part of the whole entire trip, I enjoyed the walk SO much and that's coming from a gal who loathes exercise haha. Again, the views were spectacular, the sun was shining and the air appeared fresh - I proceeded to get more lost in this beautiful city. I felt happy in those moments and that's a rare occurrence. 

To finish off the day, we just had to get one more view in - I had to see the city from all areas of course. We made our way back into the city and went to the new One World Observatory / World Trade Centre (also referred to as the Freedom Tower, I believe). Obvs, this wasn't built the last time I was in New York, so it was something I desperately wanted to experience. If you've been to The Sky Garden in London, this is very similar. The views are panoramic and you don't go outside so you can just chill on the windowsill for as long as your heart desires. We got there in time to watch the sun set and it was a great thing to experience. I felt a bit emotional while up there, actually. You can see a time lapse of the sky getting darker in the vlog (end of this post).

- - - - - - - - - - D A Y   F I V E - - - - - - - - - -

On our last day, the heavens opened and it was pretty much raining non-stop from waking up to getting to the airport. We spent our last day shopping in Times Square; from Sephora (again!) to Forever 21. We ate our last meal of the trip at the Hard Rock Café before heading to Walgreens to do a last minute sweetie loot! I spend all my remaining dollars on candy so expect a 'British girl tries American candy' video very soon! Later on in the afternoon we finished packing and my bloody suitcase was over its weight limit so I had to stash the majority of my shopping in my Sister's suitcase - god only knows how she managed to travel so lightly. The overnight flight back to the UK wasn't the greatest and I could not sleep so once back in the UK I completely crashed. Who knew the jet lag would be so bad for only five hours time difference?

- - - - - - -  V L O G  P A R T  T W O - - - - - - - 

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