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As a girl who is partial to a bit of bleach and a lot of colour (as I have previously mentioned on this blog, I cannot remember the true colour of my natural hair) my hair constantly needs TLC. I am often asked how I keep my hair in good condition considering it's rather, well, purple. The truth is, there is very rarely a time when I stick to the same haircare routine; I am forever swapping the products I use and will try anything in the hope it will make it feel healthier. It doesn’t always look healthy, vibrant and shiny, though. In fact, just the other day (seen here) it was looking as close to straw as it has done in a while; completely malnourished and appearing rather worse for wear. It gets like this when it needs colouring, and weirdly, it’s the most shiniest and healthiest after it has had a dose of conditioning colour - it’s hard to believe but the purple I use is so moisturising (I mainly use Colour Freedom if you’re wondering). See how healthy my hair looks on my Twitter profile pic!

Anyway, to the point of this post. Lately, I have been trying a new Shampoo and Conditioner from new-to-the-UK brand, syoss. This brand is super affordable, with each of their products costing just £2.50. I believe the premise of this brand is to offer the same quality and care that you would get from salon products at home, with products available exclusively at Tesco nationwide. There are a few different ranges for different hair types, but the one I have been using targets damaged hair specifically. The syoss SALONPLEX Hair Renaissance targets chemically treated and mechanically stressed hair with the professional SALONPLEX technology restoring millions of broken hair bonds in the hair matrix every day for reconstructed hair that looks reborn.

an image of the syoss salonplex haircare range
The best out of the range, for me, is the Shampoo. It lathers up really nicely without drying out the hair and feels like it has given the hair a deep clean. What I love about this is that my hair feels so light post-use as well as clean and moisturised. The formula recreates millions of broken hair bonds and refills the hair from inside while sealing and protecting the hair fibre. For just a couple of pounds, this is well worth the try. The Conditioner isn’t as moisturising as I’d like it to be (unless I use loads) but it does work at detangling and making the hair easier to manage. Both these smell amazing too, which is always up there on my list of expectations for good haircare.

To accompany these products, I have been using the Recreator Serum, which instantly restores for super smooth hair. I use this like a leave-in conditioner/detangler on towel dried hair and I can’t tell you how much it makes brushing much easier (with my Wet Brush, obvs).

What haircare products are you loving at the moment?

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