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I think I have mentioned a fair few times that GOSH is well up there on my list of favourite drugstore makeup brands. I’m not going to lie and say that my whole makeup stash is drugstore because it features many high-end products, but of the drugstore makeup brands in my stash, GOSH makes up a large percentage; it’s just so affordable for the quality it offers. Whenever a new GOSH collection drops, I am first to add all products to my never ending makeup list. GOSH really reps the drugstore, and its latest range hasn’t deterred its place.

The collection is vast; there are so many amazing products to be discovered, but if I were to sit and talk about every single one, I think the post would reach dissertation standards. I’m sure that many of these products will work their way into other posts, Instagram photos and YouTube videos, but for now, I am going to talk about my favourites...

an image of GOSH SS17 Makeup Collection
For the new season, GOSH has taken a nature approach; shifting its view to the ‘Urban Nature’ landscape. Intrigued? I was too. The brand has sought out inspiration from the greening of cities, environment-friendly buildings and architects’ efforts to replicate nature to streamline energy use and optimise resources. As in previous collections, GOSH has honed in on a new hero Nordic ingredient and for SS17 that ingredient is the dandelion flower.

The new line-up includes new shades across many hero GOSH products, in addition to some new innovations. The new shades of EYE EXPRESSION, £8.99, (4-in-1 eyeshadow palette) tap into the earthy theme; offering three new shades - BackToNature, ThunderStorm (pictured) and UrbanNature. Each palette holds one eyeshadow with a highlight effect and three matte shades, which each offer a creamy, pigmented texture. I love this palette for natural days, especially because you could quite literally apply without a mirror and still look put together (maybe I need to put that to the test, eh?)

GOSH SS17 Makeup Collection
A product I have been reaching for on the daily is the CCC - Contour, Cover, Conceal stick, £9.99, which is available in concealer shades Light, Medium, Dark and Very Dark, as well as Highlight Vanilla and Highlight Golden (shimmery cream highlighters). These products make it super easy to sculpt, conceal and highlight without the need for ten million products - nice and simple, I likey.

In terms of blush, LUMIDROPS, £8.99, is one of my favourite products that GOSH has ever launched - especially during the spring and summer. These remind me of the Daniel Sandler liquid blushers and offer a great, professional feeling formula. There are two new shades for this season: Rose Blush and Coral Blush, the latter being the one I have managed to get my mitts on. GOSH LUMIDROPS provide the cheeks with a refreshed look, luminosity and glow and are super lightweight with light reflecting pigments infused.

an image of GOSH Liquid Matte Lips
The hero products, for me, are always the lipsticks. I LOVE GOSH lipsticks - my collection is huge and forever growing. For the upcoming season, GOSH has treated us to five new shades of its Velvet Touch Lipstick Matt, £7.99. I actually only have one of these, which I am yet to try because my attention was well and truly diverted to the new GOSH Liquid Matte Lips, £8.99. HOLY CRAP, I was so excited when I saw these; not that I need any more liquid lipsticks…another eight won't hurt, though, right? ENABLE ME PEOPLE.

Liquid Matte Lips states it provides a matte finish, combined with an intense colour payoff. The eight new shades are infused with LIPerfection, which hydrates and increases the microcirculation of the lips - sounds good ey! Now, I so wanted to fall in love with these to the extent of not wanting to wear anything else, but sadly that didn’t happen. Don't get me wrong, I do really like them; the formula feels so nice on the lips, but I wouldn’t say they’re 100% matte. I have tried many liquid lipstick formulas, and the true matte ones just can’t get away with not being drying. Y’know when you wear a matte liquid lipstick you generally can’t rub your lips together? Well, with these you can - you can rub your lips together as if it were a creamy satin formula. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because they feel super creamy and hydrating, but I wouldn’t say they were to the level of matte that you would expect. With this in mind, they don’t last as long as other liquid lipsticks I have tried. Liquid Matte Lips is still a lovely product, but the formula is very different to what you would imagine it to be. In contrast, the pigment is brilliant, the colour selection is ace and the formula is super easy to apply. I guess it depends on what you’re after, doesn’t it? These are great, but I don’t think they emulate the likes of Kylie Jenner, Colourpop or even the latest Barry M matte lipsticks in the formula. You can see swatches below!
an image of GOSH Liquid Matte Lips swatches
There are so many other fab products in the collection so if you wanna see some of these in action (more than mentioned here) check out this video of mine where I spoke about many of the new releases and whacked them all on my face!

*this post contains PR samples*

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