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I am not afraid to admit - and actually, I have admitted this before - that I am absolutely crap at doing my nails. Absolutely terrible. I’ve never had good nails anyway, but painting them has always been a troublesome task and as for my cuticles, well - they’re in an awful state. It seems almost weird that I have a whole drawer dedicated to nail polishes when they barely see the light of day, but if I have anything done to my nails, it’s a gel manicure. I used to get acrylics until I realised they made the condition ten times worse, but gels, I kinda love having done. I recently had iridescent unicorn nails done and now I’m obsessed - deffo need to get me some of that magical powder.

As a lover of gel manicures, but also as a very poor person who cannot afford the upkeep, I was delighted to receive my very own at-home Professional Gel Nails Starter Kit from Classy Nails. I have had at-home kits before but they all came with a teeny-tiny lamp, this one however, comes with a big one (36W UV) - just like the ones you’d find in salons. I have never been so excited to actually have decent looking nails (well as decent as they can look) and be able to switch them up as much as I want to. Classy Nails have a huge array of colours to choose from, so many in fact that I couldn’t choose. I received three from my very long list (which I am obvs going to have to complete in the near future) and they’re all perfect shades (priced at £5.95). Natural Hesian is a great everyday nudey mushroom colour, I Lilac It is a gorge lilac (to match my hair, obvs) and Moody Mulberry is a deep red, ‘cus you just gotta have a red haven’t ya?

Professional Gel Nails Starter Kit from Classy Nails
Achieving a gel manicure is so easy with this set; it literally takes 15/20 mins and the best thing? No smudging! I love the fact you can then get on with your day and not worry about ruining your mani before you’ve even stepped outside. That’s what I hate most about normal polish because I am super impatient and - in all honesty - don’t have a lot of time dedicated to upping my nail game. This Starter Gel Nails Kit comes with everything you could possible need: nail files, top coats, remover, foil remover pads, nail tools, literally everything. It only costs £56 too, which I think is a bargain; that’s basically two or three trips to the salon. I have had this on for nearly two weeks and apart from a little bit of peeling (from my terrible application may I add) it’s going strong. Just be careful not to apply it too heavy so that it spreads off of the nail onto the skin because it will just lift. I need to practice more I think…

an image of Professional Gel Nails Starter Kit from Classy Nails natural hessian
Have you thought about investing in an at-home gel nails kit? The only negative for me is finding somewhere to bloody put it ‘cus I basically live in a shed. No, I’m kidding, but my room isn’t exactly accommodating to my beauty stash.

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