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I was converted to the beautyblender a long time ago, but I am still totally obsessed with it; it’s a game changer when applying foundation and nothing quite beats it. I have tried many makeup sponges but nothing comes remotely close to the original beautyblender; you could say it’s an ongoing love affair and I have no intention of halting it anytime soon.

I am still surprised when people tell me they can’t get on with a blender, but more often than not, they’re not using it damp - USE IT DAMP PEOPLE, IT’S INCRED. The latest launch from beautyblender is the all.about.face kit, which I must admit, made me squeal when I unboxed it. With this nifty little kit, complexion perfection is 100% achievable. With this kit, you can literally wave goodbye to patchy foundation and welcome #complexiongoals in little to no time.

an image of the all.about.face by beautyblender kit
Whether you’re a novice in makeup or totes a pro, the starter kit is going to meet all your beauty needs. This limited edition set includes a beautyblender in three sizes: the original beautyblender, which helps you apply foundation, powder, bb cream and any other complexion product flawlessly (I’m talking BeyoncĂ©-level flawless); beauty.blusher, for the application of cream and powder blush; and the cutest sponge you ever did see: the, for laser-sharp focused contouring, highlighting, concealing and colour correcting. The latter is ideal for blending concealer under the eyes, let me tell you.

an image of different sized beauty blenders
And what’s better is that the kit also comes with a diddy blendercleanser solid to keep your beautyblenders clean and pristine. YOU NEED IT, OK? It’s priced at £35, which is fab when the original is £16 on its own. You can nab the beautyblender all.about.face starter kit at, and

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