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My lipstick collection is extensive, and I mean extensive; the drawer is over flowing and I have a problem. I believe this statement to be true, yet when the opportunity to revel in new lipsticks presents itself, resisting is not an option. Not only am I a lipstick fiend, I often abuse my lips with matte formulas that leave my lips yearning for water as if they were chopped off and left among the sand of the Sahara. I love a matte lip as much as Kylie Jenner, but I am fond of a moisturised, supple pout too. So, what’s the answer? I reckon all is resolved with the new Zelens Extreme Velvet Treatment Lip Colour - all nine shades of ‘em! Yep, you’ve guessed it - it’s a treatment and high matte pigment all packed into one very shiny bullet. Since I got my mitts on these, one has been in my handbag at all times (and you know how many lipsticks hide in there!).

an image of the Zelens Extreme Velvet Treatment Lip collection
The new Extreme Velvet Treatment Lip Colour from Zelens is not one that lacks on pigment; the lipstick is very highly pigmented (and I mean HIGHLY with one coat) but has also been infused with a blend of active ingredients to provide treatment benefits. Sounds great, right? There is one minor catch. Puckering up with Zelens will set you back an eye-watering £35 - and before you gasp and fall off your chair - they are worth every penny. One won’t hurt you, come on now! If there was a right time to promote living off of baked beans and potato waffles for a few weeks, this would be it.

Not only do these wash your lips with high-impact, long-wearing colour, the active ingredients help to plump up the volume, reshape contours, reduce the appearance of vertical lines and restore suppleness. It wouldn’t be a Zelens product without the treatment properties now, would it? For those graced with a firm understanding of Science (me, you ask? Basic.), the lipsticks harness key ingredients such as phytoplankton, a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that mimics the activity of retinol through retinoid receptors; tripeptide, to stimulate natural collagen; purslane, which accelerates the wound healing process; retinol ester, a source of vitamin A to promote collagen production while encouraging the lip renewal process; palm, cotton and linseed oils for moisture; and our good old friend hyaluronic acid, need I go on?

an image of Zelens Extreme Velvet Treatment Lip Colour
The Zelens Extreme Velvet Treatment Lp Colour can transform our lips with nine different colours: Cinnamon, Deep Red, Merlot, Nude Pink (MY LIPSTICK BAE), Nude Plum, Raisin, Nude Beige, Red and Tea Rose.
An image of Zelens Extreme Velvet Treatment Lip Treatment SwatchesSwatched top-bottom: Nude Pink, Nude Beige, Deep Red and Merlot
*this post contains PR samples*

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