SPA DAY // QHotels, Norton Park in Winchester

A few weeks ago, my friend and I ventured out of London to Winchester - which is conveniently located near my home town of Salisbury - to test out the spa at QHotel’s Norton Park location. I had originally expressed interest in this trip following the group's detox package, because my New Year, New Me health intentions were slacking. In a slight misunderstanding on both parts, it turns out that this package was rolled out towards the end of last year and since my trip was booked for much later, the hotel was no longer offering this. It was nice to experience the spa separate to that package, though!

There are a number of QHotels locations, It just as so happened Norton Park was the one in the middle of where my friend and I lived. I knew it wouldn’t be as luxurious as some of the London or northern locations, but I thought - considering it was a 4* hotel - it would still be lovely. On arrival, I was quite surprised at how small it was in terms of facilities - there was a small swimming pool (which was cold) with lounge chairs, one sauna, one steam room and a relaxation room. We checked in and were given a robe and some slippers, but weren’t given a tour of where everything was. I don’t think reception knew I was on a press excursion, which in one way, was a good thing because I could trial the experience as an honest consumer. The amenities were great and served their purpose, but it’s not somewhere you could spend an entire day as you were done with the steam/sauna rooms within an hour.
an image of Norton Park Winchester Reflections Spa
After taking a bit of time to relax, we headed out for our treatment, which was by far the most exciting bit of the whole trip. The spa is supported by ESPA and my therapist was amazing; she was really attentive and listened to what I wanted to achieve out of the treatment. I received a full body exfoliation (very odd experience, but amazing!) followed by a body wrap and scalp massage. After washing off the exfoliation mask by hopping into the shower, I was treated to a very relaxing back massage. It was just what the doctor ordered!

an image of Norton Park Winchester Reflections Spa ESPA treatment room
Following our treatment, we were feeling rather peckish so headed up for lunch. Again, there was no real guidance on where to go so we had to keep asking. The cafe was located on the other side of the hotel and was a standard hotel restaurant with buffet-style food. The food was nice, but quite random, and the staff member serving didn’t seem to know exactly what was in the food when I asked. If you have four different types of fish, you need to know which is which, right? Not that I eat fish, but I was asking for my friend.

It was lovely to get out of London and the treatment totally made the trip, so I left feeling satisfied and relaxed. I think I may have been expecting tonnes of facilities after going to Center Parcs so many times, but it was definitely a relaxing day!

*complimentary experience*

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