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My love affair with Primark is continuous; I just cannot get enough. I know the weather outside right now is close to that of the arctic, but shops are starting to drop their spring collections, and as a little mind retreat away from the jumpers, boots and umbrellas, I can't help but line up my spring wardrobe. Back in November I attended the Primark SS17 Press Day, which is always one of my favourites. There are many trends from Primark to come, some of which are starting to make themselves known in-store, so I thought I would share some of my Primark SS17 Press Day picks with you to help lift the January, winter blues. From gingham, nautical prints and trusty florals and frills to monochrome and tropical threads, Primark really has the spring season nailed. There is also a real focus on luxe loungewear, which is right up my street, because even in spring and summer, comfort is essential. Space odyssey metallics also creep their way in to spice up the spring in the way that they should. Oh and I need that pastel pink leather jacket, it's just calling my name!

An image of the Primark SS17 press day
What is really big for Primark this season, and what got my materialistic heart beating 10 times its usual pace, is its footwear line-up. The shoes were on point and very designer-led in design. Hello Gucci loafter dupes. There was a lot of fur and embroidered embellishment, which got me super excited . I think my feet are going to be more well dressed than my body when spring rears its head. Mules are sticking around too, which couldn't make me happier because who can resist a good mule?

Homeware is very light heavy, and who can turn away a good fairy light or circus light? I certainly can't. Only Primark can make you need (and justify the need) for a large circus flamingo light - it's in the collection, I just forgot to photograph. Beauty seemed to be very skin and body focused, which is a nice move away from make-up, because I feel they've already got that covered exceptionally well...That's not to say there won't be some great new make-up additions, though.

an image of the primark ss17 metallics trend
an image of primark pink fluffy shoes
an image of the primark ss17 embroidered loafers
an image of primark ss17 trends
an image of embellished jeans from primark
an image of a monochrome handbag from primark
an image of pink leather jackets from primark
an image of primark lavender flower and salt body scrub
an image of primark ss17 homeware
an image of the primark mermaid beach bagHas anything taken your fancy?

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