The Product For Tightlining // DHC Gel Pencil Eyeliner

If there is one make-up product that is lacking among my make-up collection, it is eyeliner. I am a great fan of the winged cat eye, I love how it looks, but the skill is one I am yet to fuller master. I, of course, have good eyeliner days, but the bad far outweigh them. Until DHC’s liquid liner came into my life, I was an even worse eyeliner novice, but it changed my whole perception of eyeliner and suddenly it became a lot easier to master. I still don’t wear eyeliner daily, purely because I am a perfectionist and achieving equal wings is a challenge for me, but without DHC, liner wouldn’t be made possible.

Bearing this in mind, when I was introduced to the new DHC Gel Pencil Eyeliner EX (£9.50), I was intrigued. I fully trust the brand with my eyeliner needs, so I was interested to see how these new gel formulas performed in comparison to the brand’s liquid liner I have grown to depend on, and ultimately, love. Liquid liner is the only liner I really use. I have dabbled in the heavy black waterline look - mainly as an angsty teen - using kohl, but since I looked so terrible, I left it firmly in the past. I have also used gel eyeliner pots - Maybelline, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier to name a few - but I have always gravitated back to liquid.

an image of DHC Gel Pencil Eyeliner EXAs I have gotten older, I have delved more into make-up experimentation and I now fully understand the greatness of tightlining (when done correctly). When you line your upper and lower lash lines, it gives the illusion of fuller lashes, which is something - I for one - desperately need. I have also learnt this occasionally comes with the downside of smudged panda-like eyes. The new DHC Gel Pencil Eyeliner EX is different; it doesn’t budge, which means no smudging - yay! The pencil is available in black and brown, the latter being my favourite, and it twists up, which means no sharpening - double yay! The product is said to give the precision of a pencil and smoothness of a gel, but I have to confess I found the pencil a little hard in formula, which tugged at the eyes at times. The end actually snapped off on one occasion, which was slightly disappointing. I believe that was an error of my application, because after learning how to use it - warm it up slightly (I read that rubbing it on the hand helps, and it does) and be soft on approach, it works really well. Overall, it’s a handy make-up product to own. I tend to stick with brown day-to-day and black for evening looks and at £9.50, I don’t think it’s bad to own both!

an image of the DHC Gel Pencil Eyeliner EX in black and brown

Side note: if you also haven’t tried the DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection (£14.50), you should because it’s bloomin’ marvellous and a great mascara for lengthening and defining each lash.

*this post contains PR samples*

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