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I know your twenties are a time of life discovery and figuring things out, but the one thing I fail at is money. The lifestyle I want is on pre-order, but continually out of stock. This means, that the majority of the time, I find myself being the poor friend in my friendship group. I am not going to sugarcoat it, it sucks balls and can make you feel pretty shitty. I know I should stop feeling inferior to my friends, especially if they earn more than me, or come from a more privileged background, and I have to factor in that my lifestyle choices - especially where I live - makes my life different and I suppose that's OK. We're all at different stages in our lives aren't we? I just happen to be slower at getting anywhere than others. So in a bid to stop comparing my situation to others, I thought I would turn all this inner pain (ok maybe slightly dramatic) into a tongue-in-cheek video and blog post to see how many of ya can relate to the below situations. I'm sure my fellow Londoners will relate to many, because we're all poor in London, right? Oh and my horrid face expression? Well that was just for the lols.

10 things you know if you're the poor friend

01: When you go out for dinner and make a point of having a starter for a main and tap water and then whoever you’re with asking if it’s ok to split the bill. Oh and on top of being the poor one, you’re also the doormat so you end up agreeing. You leave and end the night having a cardiac arrest. 

02: When you’re lonely and bored but you can’t go out with your friends because brunch turns into a £50 affair...unless it's bottomless brunch 'cus that is so worth the dollar. 

03: When someone says ‘someone had to die for me to buy a house’ - but your family is just as poor as you and inheritance isn’t in the family dictionary.

04When you have to endure window shopping. WHO BLOODY MADE WINDOW SHOPPING A THING. It’s not fun, especially when your friends just drop their card like it’s no biggie and you're stood there weighing up whether your Boots meal deal is worth your last fiver.

05The mention of a holiday/weekend away sends you into panic because the only thing you can afford is a trip to Southend and a bag of chips if you're lucky. 

06: You’re the only one that has to bring a hit flask into the bar, or over indulges on the pre-drinks because £9 a drink in a club is a waste of money because you can’t afford the amount it will take you to get wasted.

07: You feel actual rage when a friend who earns 2x what you do says they’re broke because they’ve just dropped £300 on ASOS…. BABES, WANNA SWAP BANK ACCOUNTS?

08You have several breakdowns a day over your financial status and then treat yourself to a bag of junk food (a cheese platter is a firm favourite) from Sainsbury’s because you deserve to treat yo’self. 

09You consider getting any random bloke off the street, and force yourself to love them just so you could potentially afford to move out and share costs instead of 100% supporting yourself in the most expensive area in the country. 

10: When you’re invited around to someone’s for dinner and asked to bring a bottle. When will people understand that the good gin is always the cheapest gin?

There are more in the video! 

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