Christmas Gift Wrapping

Wrapping presents is one of my favourite things about Christmas, and I like to showcase my chosen wrapping designs on the blog each Christmas for something to look back on. I wouldn't say I am the most meticulous wrapper of all time; there are certainly people out there that do a much better job, but I do love it. I am a bit OCD in terms of design. Everything has to match in some way. I like to keep to one traditional design - usually based around some kind of brown paper and twine or string, and then a more funky design. Usually I find myself spending a fortune in Paperchase (literally Christmas stationery heaven), but this year I could only find one lot of paper in there that I liked. The silver stars paper and pastel ribbon and tags actually came from Primark, which absolutely nailed Christmas this year. I am also obsessed with present toppers and I found the snowflakes in Sainsbury's for a bargain!

an image of Christmas Wrapping ideas
an image of Christmas Gift Wrapping ideas
Christmas Gift Wrapping ideas
What designs have you gone for this year? 

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