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When Manny MUA asked if I wished to be given his new palette in collaboration with Makeup Geek, I practically squealed. I must thank Beauty Bay for that opportunity. Now, I must confess that I didn’t know a huge amount about the popular beauty vlogger before I met him, but he’s super sweet, funny and a joy to be around; a real genuine guy from the feel of things. The collaboration saw the creation of the limited edition Manny Mua x Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Palette (£56)*, which comprises nine shadows; three of Manny’s favourite existing Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and six brand new, exclusive shades. The palette boasts a range of matte, shimmery and foiled finishes; a selection that stay’s true to Manny’s personality and preference for warm tones. He was wearing this palette when we met, and I fell in love with the autumnal tones and started conjuring up a plethora of eye looks in my head. What I really love about this palette is that all the shades work harmoniously together and are perfect for all skin tones.

The nine shadows are housed within a mirrored compact with sturdy packaging. Speaking of the mirror, it’s bigger than my face. OK, slight exaggeration, but it is hella big, but I am certainly not complaining; I love a good mirror. In regards to the actual packaging, I was expecting the cover of the box (which I think is super chic and awesome) to be the cover of the palette itself, as opposed to the Makeup Geek packaging. Not that the traditional Makeup Geek packaging isn’t swoon-worthy, but y’know it would have been nice to identify Manny was involved once the box had been thrown away (‘cus let’s face it, I need to be less of a packaging hoarder).

Anywayyyy, on to the colours ‘cus I am sure that’s what you’re here for and not my mad ramblings. The shades include: Makeup Geek existing shades Beaches & Cream (matte peachy nude), Cosmopolitan (foiled copper) and Frappe (mocha with cream undertones); and Manny’s chosen shades: Artemis (iridescent cream shimmer), Luna (rich cocoa brown with a bronze shimmer), Sora (dark beige with chocolate undertones and subtle shimmer), Aphrodite (dark brown with plum undertones and a matte finish), Mars (red velvet hue with a matte finish) and Insomnia (dark coffee with a forest green shimmer that is a pressed version of the Makeup Geek loose pigment which is exclusive to this palette).

from left to right: Artemis, Beaches & Cream, Luna, Cosmopolitan, Sora, Frappe, Insominia, Mars and Aphrodite

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