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A couple of weeks ago I stopped by Selfridges for a very exciting appointment with GENEU skincare, which has popped up exclusively with the retailer to offer DNA testing and personalised skincare based on the results. Due to its gaining popularity, the GENEU pop up keeps getting extended, and what should have only lasted until 9 October, will now stay until 13 November. This means you have plenty of time to pop by for a consultation.

The GENEU experience offers a DNA saliva-swab, testing for two genes important in determining the ageing process - collagen breakdown and antioxidant protection, alongside a lifestyle survey. The results are processed in the brand’s lab to provide you with a personalised set of serums. Samples collected before 2.30pm will be processed the same day, which is an impressive turnaround.

I found it a very unusual experience swabbing my cheek for DNA; I felt like these were only reserved for finding out who your parents were or if you have a certain cancer gene, but our genes are so powerful in revealing so much about our bodies - not something you do everyday is it? Our DNA is what makes us all unique, everybody knows that, but genetically, we only differ by 0.1%. This variation is responsible for our predisposition of our physical characteristics, such as our facial features, body shape and how our skin ages. The science says 60% of skin ageing can be attributed to inherited genes and 40% to lifestyle factors. So to me, whether I age well, is probably mostly pot luck of what genes I have - life’s a bitch sometimes eh? Luckily, there are things we can do that can affect our genes to slower the ageing process.

So what were my results? The test determined that my GENEU U+ skin profile was AOX 2 COL M. Obviously this is all very scientific and I am not ashamed to say I was sat there blankly trying to transport myself back to Science class so that I could actually grasp what was being said. The GENEU consultant was very helpful at dumbing this information down to help me understand. We can’t all be Science geeks can we? Interestingly, my AOX 2 (antioxidant) gene has a predisposition towards naturally high antioxidant levels, which means my gene in this area is pretty strong. This is good to hear since my skin-ageing profile comprises a higher risk lifestyle with excessive free radical exposure, which is associated with premature ageing. To optimise and visibly improve the appearance and future health of my skin as it naturally ages, my skin will benefit from enhanced antioxidant protection, as well as continued hydration and on-going protection against free-radical damage and uv exposure. Basically, I need to play to my gene’s strength and continue to add extra protection, but although my lifestyle plagues a risk to free radical ageing, my antioxidant protection levels are pretty high.

Now it goes down hill a little, as my COL M gene (collagen) didn’t come back with as strong results. As many of us are aware, collagen keeps skin firm, supple and youthful, but with age its production decreases and collagenase enzymes degrade collagen within the skin. My profile revealed that I am genetically predisposed to the breakdown collagen at a moderate rate, and combined with my higher risk lifestyle, it suggests that my skin is likely to experience premature loss of firmness and the formation of facial wrinkles. Basically I lose collagen faster than I produce it so I need all the help I can get in this area. As I naturally age, it will be important for me to enhance my natural collagen products and support and optimise my skin’s function to minimise collagen breakdown.

I have therefore been prescribed serums to suit my profile; AOZ 2 Serum (formulated with hyaluronic acid, argan cell extract and photo-protective peptides, which boost natural antioxidant protection) and COL M Serum (with advanced protein compounds that delay wrinkles, vitamins A, C and E and wild lupin). I haven’t used these long enough to warrant a review, but the texture is super lightweight and sinks in to the skin quickly. After about one week of use, skin texture feels refined, hydrated and smoothed. It says you’ll notice most difference after 12+ weeks.

So, what you’re all asking me, the price? Well, DNA testing and personalised skincare doesn’t come cheap, but as I look at it, you’re paying for science, good quality ingredients and advanced technologies. Of course, naturally, this is out of my budget, but if I had the money? I would totally invest, purely for the fact that I find having a DNA test really interesting. The GENEU DNA and Lifestyle Test is £89, and GENEU serum packages start from £200. I also read somewhere that the £89 test is redeemable against serums!

*this experience was complimentary*

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