A trip to Leeds // Bloggers Blog Awards

When I found out I was nominated for the Bloggers Blog Awards, I instantly knew I wouldn’t win. That didn’t deter from the joy and appreciation I felt to be nominated, though, and if one thing was a sure bet, it was that I was going to attend the ceremony in Leeds. There are so many bloggers I speak to on the likes of Twitter that I have wanted to meet for as long as I can remember, and it was about time to make this a reality. I am so glad I did because last Saturday was the best day ever.

I traveled up with Vix, Laila and Elena and spent the majority of the 4+ hour car journey jamming to 90s hits in the back seat, hands well immersed into a packet of Percy Pigs. No, wait, Percy Pig and Pals, I stand corrected. Evidence will be in Vix’s vlog if she decides to upload the cringe worthy performances of our car journey but for now, i’ll leave it to your imagination! When we arrived we got ready and headed to the venue, which was on the outskirts of Leeds. There were delicious treats in the form of cupcakes and the best Vegan bark you ever did see (made by the amazing Carrieanne who I have already asked for the recipe). P.S, my dress is from Zara and it was perfect for the occasion.

Bloggers Blog Awards OOTD floral etiquette pink zara dress
So many of my favourites won awards, including my girl Vix, who absolutely deserved her award and made the best speech ever. It was great to meet my twinnie Jemma, as well as Hayley, Caitlin and Rhianna, who are all Northern gems. It was also rather fabulous to meet Alice and Brogan who are fellow Southern babes who I am determined to see again soon because they are FAB. I love it when you meet people that you just instantly connect things. That’s probably my favourite thing about being a blogger; so many wonderful, fruitful people.

jemma lamble and vix meldrew
bloggers blog awards cupcakes
I have never felt so at home in a room full of people than I did that day; I didn’t once feel anxious or like I didn’t belong. Winning isn’t everything and I was just so happy to finally meet everyone I had wanted to meet, and celebrate everyone’s successes. Anyway, I may have lost in my category, but I lost to one of the bestest blogging gals, Megan, who I have stalked for what seems like 10 years. She is the sweetest human and exactly like you would expect. My only regret of the day was that I didn’t drag her back to London with us!

Thumberlina Lillie bloggers blog awards
Caitlin through the mirror and jemma floral etiquette

Hayley from Tea Party Beauty absolutely smashed it though. Kudos to her for organising such a fab event; she really made it an awesome day and I know I couldn’t have done it. Here’s to next year’s shindig!

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