A poorly girl's product guide

I doubt anybody has noticed, but if by some miracle you have realised that I have been MIA for a few weeks, then hey gurlll I'm back! The reason for my absence? I have been a very poorly girl and among that shitstorm, I also lost my Great Nan. So yeah, basically a really shitty month so far, thus a severe lack of time and motivation to do anything, let alone blog or film. I am now in panic mode, whereby I have now realised how much I have actually got to do to catch up, but boy have I missed my little place on the internet.

Being ill sucks. I very rarely get poorly but when I do my body seems to catch everything and shut down. What started out as a mere cold turned into strep throat and what appeared to be a chest infection, conjunctivitis and more cold. Fun, right? As I write this I still have white pesky spots on my tonsils, but my problem? I don't even have time to go to the doctors. I think my problem is I didn't let my body rest, I carried on working and going out to do things I felt I had to go to, and in the end my body was like hell no mofo and became physically and emotionally drained.

Not being able to do anything I needed to get done with maximum effort made me feel worse and I have been in the worst headspace I have been in in a while, but I am back now ready to crack on with my arms-length to do list. I GOT THIS. Anyway enough of the dwelling, obviously being poorly and especially having conjunctivitis I haven't been able to wear much in the name of make-up, or put as much skincare on my face. In light of this, I thought I would show you the products I have been using that have got me through the last few weeks, because snotty noses mean dry, cracked, lacklustre skin and apparently breakouts the size of mole hills.

Skincare for when you're poorly

Garnier Miceller Water (£2) - When you can't really put a lot of product near your eyes, cleansing probably isn't the top of your agenda. Micellar water is really handy and quick for cleansing skin and really easy to avoid the eye area.

Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Face Wipes (£4.99)* - These have been my second cleanse, because being poorly makes you feel like your skin is more clogged and dirty. Infused with charcoal, lycopene and salicylic acid, these black wipes give your skin a deep clean to help remove impurities and any last trace of make-up. Using a black facial wipe took a little getting used to, primarily because I couldn't see the grime I was removing, but they are really nice to use. They're also very exfoliating as the texture is slightly drier and rougher than usual.

Dermalogica Barrier Repair (£28.99)* - I suffer with dry skin around my nose at the best of times, but having a cold makes in ten times worse. This little wonder product helped stop my skin dry out and when it did get sore and cracked from tissue friction, this sorted it out overnight. I honestly couldn't have got through this week without it.

Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial (£26)* - When you're poorly, don't you find your skin just feels and looks dull? Mine definitely did, so I decided each night I would give myself a much needed facial. This product really helps to brighten and hydrate skin come morning, while also being a really calming and gentle product to use.

Vapour Rub (£2) - I would have died without this. This makes sleeping so much easier. I read online that slathering your feet with vapour rub and putting socks on before bed stops you from coughing in the night, thus aiding a good nights sleep. I didn't stop coughing completely but I did get a much better sleep and only woke once for a coughing fit. It's funny how putting it on your feet actually travels to your chest. I did put some on my chest too, 'cus y'know, can never be too mentholated.

Cuticura Hand Gel (£1) - I don't think I need to say much about this one, but when you're already poorly, yet have to travel on numerous types of public transport, you need to protect yourself further. I tried to use this after every journey so that I didn't catch a different type of virus.

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