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If there is one thing I get asked a lot about, or something I get complimented on often, it’s my hair. I sometimes find this hard to comprehend as so many people have crazy coloured hair now that I often feel like I should blend into the crowd. I guess that’s a pretty naive way to think, as I still stand out from the crowd in most places haha. My friends often joke that due to my crazy coloured hair I am one that cannot be lost and can be spotted from afar in most supermarkets and that's definitely true. I don’t mean that negatively, I love having crazy hair and It’s so lovely when people stop me in the street to say how much they love it too, it’s just sometimes I forget. I forget I have crazy hair half of the time I am out, so when someone is staring at me or a child is pointing me out to their mother (this happens a lot!!), it makes me feel a little weird. But that’s part and parcel of having attention grabbing hair I guess, so I can definitely deal with it because I think it's awesome...

an image of Colour Freedom Hair Dye in Pink Pizazz and Mystic Purple
So the most pertinent question of all; how do I achieve it? I get a lot of people asking to touch my hair who are frequently amazed by its condition. Trust me when I say a lot of hair had to be lobbed off to regain even an inch of healthy hair. I was pillar-box red for seven years before I decided to go purple, and in the beginning I attempted the silver lilac trend, and because I am naturally brunette (and had tons of red left), I failed. I couldn’t get light enough for pastel shades, so I opted for something brighter. During the transition, I then – by fault of my own – accidentally turned my hair blue and green, and fixing that was a NIGHTMARE (kudos to my Mum for doing it, but my hair after was ruined as it was just breaking off from all the bleach) I was purple for two years before I decided to introduce pink into the mix, and that only followed a huge hair cut (I had a bob last Christmas and it’s only got to this length now) but to answer the question, 80% of the time; the colour on my hair is from Colour Freedom*. I think this brand is totally underrated in the crazy colour hair kingdom, but honestly it’s fantastic at achieving the results you most desire. My Mum is a hairdresser and even she approves of this dye, especially the formula when comparing to other brands. I do sometimes bring Swarzkopf’s Live Ultra Brights into the mix as I usually mix a bit of their Purple Punk with the Colour Freedom Mystic Purple and use their Shocking Pink on my roots when I want a slightly different tone, but the below look is fully achieved using Colour Freedom.

An image of Colour Freedom Hair Dye
You get so much product in these tubes, so I can actually get away with using one, unlike the two tubes of dye I am used to. These also smell really good and are super moisturising. I think these dyes really help keep the condition of my hair at its best. They say their semi-permanent, but that depends on your hair type, colour and porosity. My hair is still extremely porous so it just eats the colour and stains the hair. It fades obviously, but never disappears. The colour lasts a good while too, especially the purple. The purple remains the same for a good two months before it needs topping up, and that’s only on the top bit by my fringe (such an annoying area), the underneath lasts even longer. The pink fades a lot quicker and I have to top that up every three to four weeks. If you have coloured hair, definitely give Colour Freedom a try because it is super affordable (£6.99 each), easily accessible at Superdrug and rivals, if not out performs, other dye.

an image of pink and purple hair

There are lots of colours on offer too which are easily mixed. Occasionally I will mix the Magenta Pink in with the purple when I want a slightly pinkier base. The brand also offers its Pasteliser, which works similarly to conditioner, to pastelise shades. I hear a lot of people use conditioner - even I have in the past - but I personally think dedicated products work better as, according to my hairdresser, conditioner can act as a barrier between your hair and the colour. I recently tried out one of the new Colour Freedom shades at the Superdrug press day - a very denim-hued blue and I love it.

An image of me wearing Colour Freedom Denim Blue
I might do a more in-depth video on my hair soon over on my YouTube channel, explaining more of the bleaching side of things and the process of getting to this stage, so please leave me a comment and subscribe to my channel if you would like to see that.

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