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I find a lot of skincare brands hit and miss; some promise me the world's most perfect skin; some promise me eternal youth; and others grab my attention with an impressive line up of groundbreaking ingredients. My skincare shelfie is forever growing but sometimes I like to strip it back to the brands I trust and know won't bring me out in hives. dermalogica is one of those brands; a brand with decades of knowledge and formulas that work. I'd call dermalogica one of those simple brands that simply gets to the point, and that's not a bad thing in the slightest. It's not a pompous brand but it's backed with science and understands what the skin needs. Maybe it's because it's a very well known professionally used brand, but for whatever reason, I trust it. I'm very rarely loyal to a skincare brand because I try so much and get pulled in by the latest innovations, but along with Liz Earle, dermalogica has my loyalty. I can't proclaim to love every one of their products, but what I can say is that most of them work for me.

Lately I've been trying a trio of dermalogica products that I'm not overly familiar with but I'm so glad I was introduced to them. I actually had my face mapped out by a dermalogica skin consultant and was informed what products I needed and which I should probably avoid. Whenever someone reads my skin, the results are so far from what I thought and it's really interesting to learn about my skin on a deeper level.

Image of Dermalogica Products

Something completely new to me is the dermalogica daily microfoliant (£41.75) which initially I thought was a chemical exfoliator/toner type product. To find out it was in fact a powder took some getting used to, and I wasn't sure at first, but after regular use I realised it was a pretty great product. The gentle rice-based exfoliating powder activates upon contact with water, in which you then massage into the skin to micro-exfoliate dead cells. After use skin feels particularly smoother and brighter. It's a weird one, but quite frankly, I love a bit of weird and it seems to be lasting a lengthy time.

One of the newer additions to the dermalogica line is the pyhto replenish oil (£56.50) which is a gorgeous product. I love a good oil, but more so when it sinks into my skin super quickly. This facial oil strengthens and restores the skin's natural protective barrier, shields against environmental stressors (a Londoners must have in a product), smoothes lines and locks in moisture. Now I don't have any lines to smooth but what this does give me is super dewy skin, RESULT. I also love to mix this with my foundation for an even glowier finish.

After complaining to the consultant about my dry, scabby and generally horrible nose, she recommended the dermalogica barrier repair (£36.90) You know how noses can get really dry in the sides? Mine never goes, however much I exfoliate and moisturise. This makes foundation look awful on my nose area and is a real pain to deal with. This also gets worse in the winter but is the same pretty much all year round. The barrier repair moisturiser is the only one that seems to significantly improve the skin around my nose by fortifying the sensitive skin and damaged barrier.

Do you have any recommendations of dermalogica products that you love?

*this post contains PR samples*

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