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Three words that get me the most excited are Autumn is coming. I love getting fully immersed in preparing for the cooler months; the log fires and toasted marshmallows, snug duvet times on the sofa and endless hot chocolates. But it's not only the refreshing chill of Autumn that I love, it's completely switching up my beauty regimes to suit. If there's one thing I suffer with the most post-summer, it is dry skin. Not so much on my face, but definitely in regards to my body. If you could slice the skin off of my elbows, I am pretty sure what you'd have is something very reminiscent of sandpaper. My holy grail body products come from the brand Ameliorate; a brand I have touched on briefly on the blog, but a brand I thought I would revisit now September has dawned.

When I was a child I suffered quite badly from keratosis pillaris (more commonly known as chicken skin), and although I have learnt how to manage it so that it has improved greatly with age, it's still there and flares up during the winter. I mainly get this on the tops of my arms, but it's also visible on my upper thighs and butt cheeks, yes there ya go, I've divulged another thing about my body that makes me feel less than confident. I could be mistaken, but KP is very common, but more so if you have pale skin. Yup, I also tick that box. I thought I would run through some Ameliorate products that have really helped manage the condition and help my skin appear a lot more supple and hydrated.

an image of Ameliorate Skin Smoothing range
Ameliorate is the only brand that was developed to target KP prone skin, as well as other dry skin conditions, and I remember being so vividly happy when it launched; it was like I finally found a brand that catered to one of many insecurities. Many products claim to aid certain skin conditions, but Ameliorate's range really does live up to its claims. Ameliorate actually translates to 'make something bad or unsatisfactory better', which I think is a really nice touch. The hero ingredient in the range is in fact an optimum level of lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid that encourages the skin's natural exfoliation process) and within two hours of using the product, the skin's moisture content is 130% greater than before - revolutionary to say the least. Another fab thing about lactic acid that makes it so effective is that it breaks down the keratin in the hair follicle and breaks the bonds so that dead skin isn't glued together. I have been using these products (primarily the body lotion) for well over a year and it has reduced my KP to near enough nothing in comparison to what it was. Results can actually be seen within four weeks which is pretty incredible.

The Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion (£27.50) is my favourite of all the products in the range. It sinks into the skin really quickly and is considerably light in formula (totes not greasy) for how hydrating it is. The scent is nothing fancy, but you get used to it, and for something that works wonders, it's a small thing to deal with. The products are also not the cheapest on the market, but again, when you know it works, it's worth every single penny. I think of it as more of a prescription than something bought for vanity. Other products include: Skin Smoothing Body Polish (£19.50), which I love to use on dry skin before I shower when I am not feeling lazy; Skin Smoothing Body Mitt (£12.50), which I use the most when I am feeling lazy (all the time pretty much) to buff dead skin from my skin pre-showering; Skin Smoothing Shower Cream (£15), my second favourite of them all as it's super creamy and doesn't just slide straight off the skin when in the shower and gets to work - in terms of hydrating the skin - in the first instance; and Skin Smoothing Bathing Powder (£23.50), which is something I use as an intense treatment when I am feeling particularly dry as you can soak and relax while it's doing its thanggg.

an image of Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Bathing Powder

Honestly, Ameliorate is one of my favourite body brands and I cannot recommend the products enough. I stand by every single one and that's a rarity in most brands. It's garnered so much attention, and quite rightly so. I feel proud of this brand as I have followed its journey since day one, and there are only a few brands I can say that about, so I mean it wholeheartedly. Oh look at me getting emosh about bodycare, I need to sign off now aha! In all seriousness though, when a brand launches and improves how you feel about one of your insecurities, it's hard not to be. BRAVO AMELIORATE.

*this post contains PR samples*

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