Mermazing Brushes // The Bombshell by Spectrum

Spectrum Collections is fast becoming one of the most popular make-up brush brands in the UK and coveted by tons of beauty enthusiasts worldwide. The brand has certainly made waves in the bloggersphere over the course of the past couple of years, and you can see why. The brushes are aesthetically very pretty, but the quality of the brushes - for the price - are also incredible. Not only that, they’re totes vegan and cruelty free too!

A few weeks ago I gleefully attended an event for Spectrum, which showcased what was to come from the brand for AW16. The room of the launch resembled a mermaid’s lair, and I felt right at home as a self-declared merbabe. The Bombshell by Spectrum AW16 Collection was the prime focus, with the displays bringing nothing but joy to everyone there. There were also mermaid-inspired treats from Unhampered Girls, such as cookies, clam macarons and glittered chocolate pretzels to tantalise the taste buds (which obviously I couldn’t refuse) and the amazing illustrator DOM & INK was there turning everyone into their inner mermaid on paper. Sadly I missed out on this, as the queue was similar to the length or 10 mermaid tails.

An image of The Bombshell by Spectrum AW16 Collection
What was special about this event was that the two owners (who are sisters) of the brand were there, one of which I got to meet. She resembled a real life mermaid and was so so lovely. She greeted me personally - recognising people from Twitter - which was so personable and refreshing; just like the brand itself. I 100% support Spectrum Collections and its products, and I now have quite the growing collection.

We were lucky enough to receive four brushes from the 12 that will be available in the range, launching in September. When launched, the brushes will be available as part of a set that is housed in a pink holographic shell shaped case or similar styled pouch, both ideal for traveling. I have been using the slanted buffer brush for my foundation and have loved it; definitely one of my favourites because the densely packed bristles really do provide a flawless base. The contour brush is also a fab one too and is suitable for cream, liquid & powder formulas to help build a killer contour, or equally, a naturally defined look.

The Bombshell by Spectrum AW16 Collection

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