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Unfortunately, I’ve not been to many spas in my time, but I have been known to enjoy a few at-home spa-esque treatments, whether that be from a therapist, or creating a space of zen with luxurious products for myself to enjoy. I recently took part in a Twitter chat all about at-home spa beauty with The Good Spa Guide, and I thought it would be nice to talk through how you can recreate a spa at home really easily with some simple steps, accompanied by some really relaxing, spa worthy products. The Good Spa Guide is a website that allows you to search a variety of spas, narrowed down by your location where you can take into consideration their reviews, as well as explore a plethora of spa products and treatments. The Good Spa Guide is also available as a magazine, where you can read about different spas in detail, discover a number of recommended products and get a low down on tons of treatments. They kindly sent all Twitter chat participants a hamper of products to aid the creation of an at-home spa, which I am going to talk you through.

The Good Spa Guide
To kick start the at-home spa scenario, I felt it necessary to begin with scrubbing down my body and removing all the build up of dead skin cells. For this I would recommend the Thalgo Exotic Island Body Scrub, which is so luxurious you wouldn’t think you could get your hands on it outside of a spa treatment room. What’s great about this scrub is that it contains actual sand from Bora Bora in addition to natural sea salt, coconut and vanilla. Not only does this transport you to a tropical island, but it does a really good job at slogging away at dry skin and prepares your skin for additional spa goodness. Like all my favourite scrubs this is best used on dry skin and the oily texture stops it from feeling too harsh on the skin.

an image of Thalgo Exotic Island Body Scrub

Now for the fun, rather humorous part: the full on body mud mask. Now, I have only ever used mud masks on my face and didn’t even consider how well it could work on the body as well. The Temple Spa Glorious Mud is a clay that allows you to indulge in a deep cleansing Mediterranean spa experience. Inspired by the brand’s professional spa treatment, Glorious Mud combines a mineral rich blend of mud and kaolin clay with red algae and seaweed to stimulate the metabolism and promote fat burning (YES PLEASE!) It also aids muscle relation and deeply purifies, hydrates and leaves skin feel smooth and glowing!

an image of Temple Spa Glorious Mud
The mud is best applied to the body (it can get messy so make sure you have plenty of space) and then covered with the Temple Spa All Wrapped Up Sauna Suit, which is a full body plastic suit that is designed to maximise the benefits of the mud’s formula. It also prevents you rubbing against anything and transferring mud everywhere. Genius really.

Other than the saunas, steam rooms and heated pools (my favourite kind of spa has a rooftop, like the Bath Spa which I have actually been to and loved), my favourite aspect of a spa is having a number of treatment options available; I love a good treatment, especially a massage. Obviously massaging yourself at home can be a tricky, awkward situation, but after a warm bath I like to get my blood circulating as much as possible, and have found using a body oil like the Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Oil a real treat. I tend to pay more attention to my legs as - other than my back - my legs hold tension and ache quite regularly. The scent is so reminiscent of an actual spa - containing a blend of pink grapefruit, rosemary and juniper essential oils - and the formula is really nice to work with; sinking into skin quickly and leaving it soft, supple and nourished.

an image of Nimue Skin Exfoliating Enzyme
Now the body has been seen to, it’s time to do a little bit to our faces, starting off with the Nimue Skin Exfoliating Enzyme. This is right up my street because I have always preferred non-scrubby, chemical exfoliators. I usually use AHAs but enzyme-based products are meant to be better for sensitive skin. You just apply, leave for a couple of minutes, massage into skin to reactive and leave for a further few minutes before washing off to reveal brighter, more refined skin.

An image of comfort zone Hydramemory Moisturiser
To complete, I have been using the comfort zone Hydramemory Moisturiser, which I absolutely adore. It’s so cooling and has been my favourite moisturiser to use in this heat we’ve been having. It sinks in quickly and doesn’t feel at all heavy. This makes my skin feel really great and come morning I still look plumped and hydrated.

The Good Spa Guide
Do you like to recreate some well needed spa time at home? What are your fav products?

*This post contains PR samples*

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