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You know me, I love a good lipstick; whether that be a matte, satin, balm, stain, or my latest obsession, liquid. I have never been a huge fan of glosses though, but recently - as you can probably tell with my last few posts - i’ve come around to the new gloss hybrid formula. This month I have been trying so many new lip products, and over the last couple of weeks I have pulled the Saturated Colour Lip Vinyls (£7)* out of my stash to play around with. I have used Saturated Colour bullet lipsticks before (when they were formerly known as KISS Cosmetics), and I was initially impressed with the range; especially in terms of pigment.

 Saturated Colour Lip Vinyls
The Saturated Colour Lip Vinyls are the latest hybrid of a liquid lipstick and a gloss. They actually - at first - reminded me of the Illamasqua Lip Lures that I have become obsessed with (however the formulas turned out to be completely different). The Lip Vinyls say that they’re not sticky, but the formula is very thick and in consequence do actually end up being a bit sticky, more so in the darker shades. I wanted to love these so much, mainly because upon swatching you can tell the colour pay off is immense.

They’ve turned out to be a bit hit and miss for me because I absolutely adore the lighter shades (Naked Pink and Birthday Suit) but then again really dislike the darker shades (Seductive Damson and Magnetic Melon) - I find them so much harder to work with and they end up making my lips look over plumped and messy. Maybe the formula alters slightly when making brighter hues? This is a shame because the purple is a gorgeous colour; I just can’t get it to work for me. If you do love a gloss though with good colour pay off, then I have a feeling you will love these. For the non-gloss gals who can only tolerate a smidge of glossiness, you’ll probably find that you’re better off with the lighter shades. For £7 though, you can’t not give these a try!

 Saturated Colour Lip Vinyls swatches
Naked Pink, Birthday Suit, Seductive Damson & Magnetic Melon

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