Finding a New Scent // Coach Eau de Parfum

If I had to pick one thing in life that I am not, it would be a fragrance connoisseur. I love fragrance, I really do, but I've just become very boring in the way that when I find a scent I like, I stick to it. For the last 10 years I have been a Jo Malone girl; it's the only fragrance I buy, get bought and  - of course - wear. Mine's English Pear & Freesia, what's yours? Fragrance is so personal, I just feel I can't swap and change it as much as I do my lipstick... or can I?

With that in mind, it must seem strange that I am still drawn to the fragrance cabinets in department stores, but it's true. I am a walking contradiction of myself, I know, but I adore inhaling the potent aromas of each fragrance. I just can't choose. Or equally, I can't pin down the scent that could, just possibly, be defined as 'me'. Y'know when everyone says your scent says a lot about you? That freaks me out because I don't know what my 'scent' is. In my line of work you can imagine how many press releases land in my inbox regarding fragrances, and with each one - reading every single note that the juice contains - I now want to be that girl with umpteen fragrances on her dresser. Fragrance notes are tantalising; they play with your senses, with stories so descriptive that you forget you're reading about a fragrance - you're transported to another time, place, feeling, memory; the possibilities of transportation are endless.

This year I am making it my mission to try more fragrances. The first on the cards? The upcoming Coach Eau de Parfum*, which will be available later this month on 29 August. Something drew me to this. Maybe it reminded me of my old Coach travel cardholder and all the places it traveled with me, who knows, but the intrigue was there.

An image of Coach Eau de Parfum
Or maybe it was the fact that the new Coach Eau de Parfum takes its inspiration from the brand’s iconic codes in an olfactory interpretation of modern luxury, rooted in the cool, urban ambience of New York City? I love New York City, the fragrance and I had that in common. Coach Eau de Parfum was also my kind of fragrance; the usual scent of which I am drawn to - floral and fruity. With the first spray you're greeted with notes of raspberry and pear, giving way to powdery Turkish roses and drying down to a suede musk base.  

an image of the 2016 Coach Eau de Parfum
Housed in a heavy glass oval, the spray cap is shaped like a gold turn lock imitating the clasp of Coach bags. The iconic Coach design is further explored with a little leather hangtag dangling on the side and the familiar horse and carriage motif on the glass.  Isn't it the chic-est?

An image of the Coach Eau de Parfum 2016 bottle

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