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Over the last few months I think I have been fairly vocal about my distress of having very hormonal skin and having to really lay off my extreme cocktail of skincare. I have recently started taking birth control in the hope that my skin clears up and it has actually improved so much, which allowed me to start making a dent in my skincare stash again. I have been using these products from The Hero Project on and off for so long and in recent weeks I have been really making them a staple in my routine, and yes, lovin’ it.

The Hero Project skincare
In the morning, I now cannot be without The Hero Project Glow Drops (£21)*. I was previously using the Zelens Power C drops in the morning but since an unfortunate spillage, I have turned to the Glow Drops to really help prep my skin and help it appear more radiant and - as the name suggests - glowy. The Glow Drops offer a dry-touch oil formula that harnesses 10 scented natural essential oils blended with vitamin c (possibly my favourite ingredient to use in the morning). What makes this so suitable for the morning skincare routine - unlike some other oils I have - is that it is instantly absorbed into the skin and I can really notice a difference in my make-up application following using this. I use this before my daily moisturiser and my skin not only feels nourished but it also appears brighter. No need for a Snapchat filter with this… OK who am I kidding, maybe just one! 

an image of The Hero Project Glow Drops
After being informed that my skin is very dehydrated, which I know is most likely down to not drinking enough water and overusing acid (the exfoliating kind LOL), I have been turning to skincare products that are going to help contribute to better, hydrated skin. The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost (£19)* is something that I have loved using before my night cream. It can be a little tacky for a while, which is not unusual in a product that utilises a lot of hylauronic acid. This light, fast absorbing clear gel formula contains multiple types of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to help dehydrated skin, ensuring plumpness is restored and skin is soothed with the help of panthenol. I can't say if it's completely re-hydrated my skin as I don't have the original skin tester at my beck and call, but I have definitely noticed my foundation applying better and my cheeks appearing more plumped.

an image of The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost

These are the only two products currently in the range so I am excited to see what's to come.

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