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Cancer charities have - and always will be - close to my heart so I am always very supportive of the charities and products that donate to the cause. Over the past week or so I have been trying the make-up brushes from worldwide cancer support charity, Look Good Feel Better. This is an absolutely brilliant charity that dedicates its time to building the self esteem, confidence and wellbeing of people undergoing treatment for any kind of cancer. The charity aims to improve patients’ self image and appearance through free groups and self help skincare and make-up workshops. The Look Good Feel Better Brushes, created by brush specialists Bespoke Europe, see an 8-12% donation to the charity, with a set lump sum assured to be donated. I have really enjoyed testing out the brushes and putting them to use and thought I’d run through the collection and my favourites. There are 12 professional quality make-up brushes in the range, all of which have been hand made using precision cut brush heads and soft taklon bristles, making them allergy free, cruelty free and suitable for sensitive skin. Each brush also features a weighted handle with the logo and brush name embossed.

An image of Look Good Feel Better Brushes
Probably the most handy set of the bunch is the make-over brush set, which includes four brushes in a handy travel case.

Powder Brush - I really like this large, rounded brush because it’s just the right size. I find some powder brushes can take over your whole face, but this is ideal for dusting loose or pressed powder for a smooth, natural-looking finish.

Finishing Brush - A soft bristled, flat brush that I have been using to make sure my foundation and powders are blended down into my neck, as well as for blending out my contour when I have been slightly heavy handed (come on we’ve all been there, right?). It’s a really handy brush to have in your kit.

Tapered Blending Brush - A hand-sculpted brush designed for contouring and shading. Its tapered tip allows you to accurately buffer for increased definition. Perfect for contouring down the nose, but I have also been using with eyeshadow, perfect eye blender.

Detail Brush - Again, great for the eyes or precise contouring/highlighting. This works really well at placing highlighter down the bridge of the nose and brow bone.

An image of Look Good Feel Better Brushes The Makeover Set
This can be used for absolutely anything; powder, blusher and bronzer. I have been using this for blush because it picks up just the right amount of product and makes it easy to blend for subtle cheek action.

I have tried many foamy type brushes before, and none have ever lived up to the beautyblender or any other make-up sponge. I just find them quite awkward to use. This one is quite soft and sqidgy (so much so it feels like it’s going to bend off while applying product - it doesn’t FYI!) but I am sorry to say that I still don’t love it. The sponge has been designed with a pointed tip and a flat edge, which is meant to evenly apply foundation and concealer to areas with precision. So this is definitely no good - for me - for foundation application; it takes too long to blend, however - when used damp - it’s great at blending out concealer under the eyes. The sponge is really soft and feels nice on the skin, but I am just not wowed. It has its uses like I said, for concealer, but i’ll probably just stick to my beautyblender unless I am traveling (this is good for that to ensure no product from the sponge gets on your hands). A bit hit and miss I suppose.

Overall though, a great brand with a great cause if you're in the market for new brushes (aren't we always? I always am!)

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