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A few years back, if you were to mention the word glaze when talking about a lip product, I would have been just as put off as if you had proposed a lip gloss; I’m kinda terrified of the wind challenging my hair stick to my lips and serving me up a hair ball for lunch. Fast forward a few years, and I’ve actually become quite fond of the gloss and glaze formula, mainly because - unbeknown to my teenage self - not all glosses have to be the cheap, sticky nightmares found among the isles of the local Claire’s Accessories.

However much I wanted to be, I also wasn’t a fan of the *let’s sting the shit out of your lips* plumping glosses. To get to the point of this post, and putting all my teenage woes aside, I’ve recently been trying the new Zelens Lip Glaze (£29)* and *wait for it*… I don’t hate it. The new Zelens Lip Glaze claims to be a long lasting, collagen-building lip formula that provides mega shine. The product has also been infused with Volulip, a combination of a high-performance tripeptide and the botanical extract Portulac Pilosa (also known as kiss me quick). To translate, I am pretty sure this is the ingredient, if not very similar, found in those wonderful lip plumpers we used to force ourselves to try in hope of - what would be today - the Kylie Jenner lip.

Zelens Lip Glaze
This formula is definitely nothing to be wary of as the tingling is only very very slight, and it was more of that minty tingling you get if you get strong toothpaste on your lips. Y’know what I mean right? If not, humour me. I see this as a slow lip plumper; over time with continued use you may notice a comparable difference in plumpness but definitely not instantly. The Lip Glaze’s give a very nice subtle wash of colour that lasts a reasonable amount of time (I have the shades Rose, Nude and Rouge out of the five available) and they’re really moisturising, tacky but not sticky and are great for that toned down - rather kissable - summer look. The Zelens Lip Glaze formula is also jam-packed with anti-oxidants to help shield against environmental aggressors - pretty nifty, oui?

An image of Zelens Lip Glaze

An image of Zelens Lip Glaze Swatches: Rose, Nude and Rouge

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