End of Month Reflection // June

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OMG are we starting to see Summer? Is it really happening? Are those rays on the back of my neck real right now? It appears they are. YAY. June was a dreary month wasn't it? I guess July is going to be the month for summer fun, albeit many Christmas in July press days (I already can't plan my schedule coherently - oops). There were some exciting beauty launches in June though (hello Benefit Brow Collection & Hot Lips range from Charlotte Tilbury!!). I just want to buy everythang. I am annoying myself though, I still haven't bloody started YouTube. I know, I know slap me silly. I need to get on with it but I am just waiting for someone to pay me for something and then I can actually buy it. I am getting so impatient that I am actually considering whittling away the remainder of my overdraft to buy one. But that wouldn't be sensible; I am trying to be sensible.

I have also been planning a New York trip for next year - I am so excited! I haven't been to the US in three years, it's crazy. Actually I haven't been on any holiday in three years. Pray for me, I'm poor. Or alternatively, someone take me away?

I need a break. Do you ever feel like you don't stop, but don't ever achieve anything either? I work so hard at my day job, come home to work on the blog and also do other projects on the side. I am always busy and sometimes too busy to see my friends which - bluntly - pees me right off. Yet I don't get anywhere. I don't get more popular online (not the be all and end all + lame to say,  however also true), I don't earn any more money, and frankly, I just get exhausted. I will never give up my blog because I enjoy it, but sometimes I feel like what's the point? I am still in the same spot, for everything in life. I am also reconsidering my position in London as I feel like I am barely scraping buy and don't get to really enjoy the city anyway. I'm just having a negative nancy moment - leading to a quarter life crisis - but I am sure so many of you can relate.

I also didn't go to the gym at all in June. BAD JEMMA, BAD JEMMA. Back on it this week though. I also really need to nip my rather serious addiction to Crunchie bars in the bud (struggle is real guys) I told my housemate this and she though I said I was addicted to Crunches, as in the exercise kind. If only that were true, my muffin top might not be so bad.

Song I can't stop listening to this month? (you'd know if you had me on snapchat) Ruth B, Lost Boy. Go listen, it's such a nice tune!

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