A Little Slice of Luxury // Kate Spade Cedar Street Stacy Wallet

I’ve always been acutely terrible with money; I’ve always been one of those girls that falls for the ‘buying things will make you happy’ scenario. As I hit my twenties and embarked on a new journey in the city, I realised that my spending habits had to change if I were to survive, and more pertinently, get out of my overdraft debt. I also realised that this spending money and happiness thing was only a quick fix; like a drug if you will, a quick thrill and then I was back where I started.

Over the last couple of years I have made it my goal to get out of my overdraft. The student debt however, I have learnt to live with because I’m just never going to pay it all back so I don’t really see it as that much of a burden. What I am sick of though is seeing a big minus sign next to my statement, even after I have gotten paid. I’ve been pretty strict with myself and haven’t allowed myself to buy stuff I don’t need this year; which basically means my whole bank statement refers to ‘Sainsburys, Aldi or Tesco’. If I do ever buy clothes, it’s from Primark (totes nothing wrong with that btw) and if I buy make-up, it’s justified because something has run out. I’m also not a total hermit, so I go out for dinner and drinks with friends every so often ‘cus I live in London and have to enjoy it or there’s no point – YOLO and all.

It’s an achievement for me that I’ve made a dent in my overdraft in the last year but recently I had the urge to get spendy and go on a shopping trip whereby I – for once - allowed myself to purchase some bits that I didn’t need; things that I just wanted. I work hard and sometimes I need to reward myself instead of beating myself up because I’m not yet in the clear. I’m sure a lot of twenty-somethings can relate. I mean it’s not like I am going to be able to buy a house any time soon so why not buy other pretty things?

Don’t worry, I still got a huge bout of buyer’s remorse and I didn’t go too crazy; I didn’t splash out in Moschino or anything (sadly!). What I did buy - and to the point of this post (I know, I ramble) - is this drop-dead gorgeous Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Stacy Wallet. Now, you may think this was a rather unnecessary purchase but it was totally justified (kind of). I needed a summer coloured purse (yes really, my other is green for winter) and also it was in the sale. I also did the ‘how much do I really want it’ test, whereby I saw it, it was the only one left, and I left it in the store. I then continued my shopping trip. If I thought about it a lot (I did!) I would go back at the end of the day. If it were still there I would buy it. It was there, I said fuck it, and I bought it. Isn’t it beautiful? I couldn’t say no. I of course got that hit of post-purchase endorphins, but I still feel pretty good. It’s a really handy size and as someone who never has cash, the many card slots are very useful. I also adore the colour; I feel since it was the last one, it was destined for me. I can’t wait to go to New York next year and finally get a Kate Spade handbag to match.

Have you bought anything exciting recently?

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