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I feel like I do nothing but complain about my skin at the moment; I sound like a broken record, but I really have been making a conscious effort to discover good skincare products that help during my hormonal acne breakouts. I have been using the Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser (£8.99)* for over a month now and it's been great at cleansing my skin without being too harsh or abrasive on my spots. What I love about Yes to is that its products use a high percentage of natural ingredients without parabens, SLS or silicones - which is always a bonus for the skin. Be kind to your body and all that.

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The Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser harnesses - as the name suggests - charcoal, which has been a very popular ingredient in skincare lately. Designed for combination skin, the charcoal cleanser works to draw out impurities, while tomato extract imparts the skin with its daily dose of antioxidants. I really like how moisturising this feels on my skin and - although still noticeable - my blemishes have become a lot calmer and haven't been multiplying at the same rate. The formula offers a gel consistency with tiny black natural jojoba spheres for gentle exfoliation (this can look kinda scary but is quite fun to use). The Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser is also formulated with salicylic acid to deep clean pores and prevent any future breakouts, however the redness in my skin has also been reduced. I thought this would smell awful, but the scent is really subtle and not potent at all. What I will say though is that you only need to use a small amount as the product can come out of the bottle quite fast and you definitely don't need to use that much. When emulsified with water the cleanser is really workable and gets rid of all remaining traces of dirt and make-up. If you were wondering, I tend to use this as a second cleanse after taking the bulk of my make-up off with an oil cleanser.

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About once a week, I have been using the complimenting Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask (£12)*. I've always been really wary with mud masks, simply because I have found in the past that some have dried out my skin, or just induced so many more breakouts. The Yes To mask however really balances my skin and leaves it feeling suitably supple post wash off. The mask is really creamy and thick and is easily applied on the face - it doesn't dry down or set too quickly which is also a bonus. The mask is particularly cooling and calms redness and irritation to leave my skin feeling more radiant, despite my blemishes. I am definitely going to carry on with this natural skincare duo and if you too suffer from acne breakouts, it’s worth giving these ago as they're super affordable too.

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