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Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you would have heard all about the new Brow Collection by Benefit! It’s such an exciting launch, and probably the biggest for Benefit in a long time, if not ever. I mean, Benefit is the brow expert after all and this collection couldn't have been launched by a more suited brand. Benefit has been solving the brow dilemmas of individuals everywhere since its first boutique opened in 1976 in San Francisco. The brand now has 1800 BrowBar beauty lounges across 49 countries. If you’re the anomaly and haven’t yet seen or heard about the new Benefit Brow Collection (launching this FRIDAY, 24 June!), then read on. The brow collection from Benefit is a comprehensive one let me tell you; it has everything one could possibly need to conquer ‘fleeky’ brows. Yes that is a thing, and also a key search term on goggle in regards to brows (I got told that when I so lavishly spent an evening on board the good ship benefit last month). Speaking of which, if you've not yet been to the Benefit ship on the embankment, it's an experience you can't pass by - it's not here long so be quick!

Image of the Brow Collection by Benefit
So you have skimpy, patchy or barely there brows? Well, the 13-strong Benefit Brow collection quite literally allows you to be your own brow expert. The collection has not only been considerably expanded, but also redesigned. The new packaging is so exciting, fun and reminiscent of a circus or casino in Las Vegas. Some people have said how awkward it is to store – some finding it bulky – but I personally really like it; it’s something a little bit different to the usual. The collection features revamped old favourites such as Brow Zings and Gimme Brow (now available in a medium shade) to a selection of new products and formulas to help get those brows on point. I think the products that will do the best are Precisely, My Brow Pencil, an amazing looking dupe for brow whiz; and Goof Proof Brow Pencil, which again resembles a cult favourite from ABH. Out of the collection, I was lucky enough to try four products, which actually all work in tandem to create a strong, defined brow. If you're time poor in the morning, you can get away with using any product on its own – Goof Proof is especially good for this and is definitely one to be used on a sleepy Monday morning!

Brow Collection by Benefit
There are also a few tools in the collection, including Grooming Tweezer & Brush (£15.50), Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie - my personal favourite - (£15.50) and All Purpose Sharpener (£4). It’s also really easy to match your shade to the Benefit Brow Products as there are six available and each product matches really well with the other. Shades for the majority of products include: 1 Light, 2 Light, 3 Medium, 4 Medium, 5 Deep (my preferred shade in most products) and 6 Deep.

An image of The Brow Collection by Benefit


The Brow Collection by Benefit
Ka-Brow! (£18.50)*

What they say: Cream-gel brow colour that easily fills, sculpts and defines brows, available in six shades. Providing 24 hour and waterproof wear, Ka-Brow! Comes with a custom built-in brush.

What I say: This is the product that I like to use at the front of my brows as it’s slightly lighter in colour, and a little softer than Goof Proof. They work really well together for different brow goals. I also really like that the brush is extendable and included with the pot, it makes on the go brow touch ups a lot more streamlined. This is long lasting though and stays put, which is always a good thing.

An image of The Brow Collection by Benefit Ka Brow! Brow Gel
BrowVo! Conditioning Primer (£21.50)* 

What they say: Works to condition and prime brows so they looks fuller, thicker and healthier, while enhancing the colour and extending the wear of other brow products. The custom soft touch applicator evenly coats brow hair and skin with a nutrient rich formula that contains keratin and soy proteins.

What I say: Akin to my base makeup, I like to use this to condition and prime my brows before going on to filling in and defining. I leave this to dry a little before going in with my next product but I find it helps provide a smooth clean base that enables products to adhere better to the hairs for a longer lasting finish. I’m also going to use this in the evenings after removing my make-up for an extra dose of brow nutrients.

An image of Benefit BrowVo! Conditioning Primer
Goof Proof Pencil (£18.50)*

What they say: A super easy brow-filling and shaping pencil available in six shades that provides soft, glide-on colour for a 12 hour waterproof wear. One end offers the twist –up, non-sharpen tip and the other a blending spoolie brush. Wide tip fills and pointed end defines.

What I say: I really like this for a quick brow-over when lacking time in the morning, however I also really like to use this more precisely when I have more time. I tend to use this to sculpt and shape the outer 2 thirds of the brow as I find the colour too pigmented and strong for the sparse hairs at the front. This is so easy and creamy to use and doesn't drag on the skin. You don't have to press really hard and the diamond shaped nib works really well at gliding with the natural shape of your brow. My only negative is that the formula is a little waxy so can smudge if not set in place or appear a bit patchy if you don't apply it evenly. That's more down to application skill as opposed to product though. I must say though that the wide tip fills in larger areas really well but definition isn’t compromised because of the slightly pointed end.

an image of Benefit Goof Proof Pencil
Gimme Brow (£18.50)*

What they say: a brow volumising gel available in Light, Medium and Dark with a formula that includes microfibers to volumise, tame and tint brows. The microfibers adhere to the skin and hairs creating natural fullness and definition.

What I say: I absolutely LOVE Gimme Brow, I think it’s probably one of my all time favourite products from Benefit. I’ve tried so many eyebrow setting products similar to this and none are as good as Benefit Gimme Brow. The wand is super small and the perfect size to brush through the hairs, while the microfibers definitely help brows look fuller. On lazy days, I am happy to wear this on my brows alone.

an image of benefit gimme brow
If you've got to the end of this very long post then congratulations! However, these are only four out of a really amazing looking collection so I urge you to check it out when it launched on Friday. What initially takes your fancy?

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