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While at the gym today I was pondering over what post I'd like to write today and I thought it was about time to share the love a wee bit on this blog. I think I may try and make this a regular Sunday feature because I just can't fit everyone I love into one single post. Well, I could but I'd be here all night and I have a to do list as long as my arm #sorrynotsorry (and yes, that includes catching up with a week's worth of Eastenders). Since Instagram is my favourite social media platform, I figured it would be a great place to start. I am honestly on the biggest Instagram hype of my life right now and I am working really hard on my images (find me here if you fancy a nosy). I am a very visual person so I am trying to make it more 'me'. I absolutely adore Instagram accounts with some kind of theme; whether that be uber bright and fun, or really stripped back and minimalist (I'm a sucker for a good white background and rose gold accents - I am a walking cliché after all). My favourite accounts are extremely diverse in content; I adore beauty posts, home decor posts, food posts (bonus points if they're colourful and make me dribble) and just general lifestyle images from genuinely awesome people. I also love seeing people with wacky coloured hair like me, so holla if you're part of that crew.  So without further ado, here's five accounts I have been majorly stalking this week (yes I'm probs creepin' on you too so keep checking back each Sunday).

001: @labelsforlunch 
Kirsty is one of the babes that I have had the privilege to know in real life; she's the bestest person for long chats and is so like me on so many levels. Her creativity really inspires me to keep creating content and she's given me so many handy tips. Her photos are incredible and include a mix of all things that I love: Moschino, ice cream, rainbow bagels, stunning beauty products and crazy coloured sweets, among tons more! She really has an eye for photography and a super chic collection of handbags (she'l turn you green with envy). I wish I could raid her prop drawer too! She also lives in Margate, so her feed will legit make you feel like you're alongside her on the Dreamland ferris wheel.

Labelsforlunch on Instagram

002: @aww.sam 
Another SUPER colourful account. Every time I see one of Sam's pictures in my instagram feed, I feel instantly more uplifted and creative - they're amazing! I honestly don't know how this gal does it, but she is definitely the epitome of 'goals'. So many colours, prints, patterns (even in her food pics) - her life is pretty much a colour wheel and I LOVE it. Sam is based in New York, which is also something I dream of doing one day. 

an image of @aww.sam Instagram feed

003: @dadmunk 
One of my favourite for ogling at tons of beauty bits. Kelsey is also based in the US (major jels!) so I get to see lots of images featuring things I am not used to seeing. That has its good and bad points: great to see what is new and cool in the US, but not so great when I want it and can't get it. I love the crisp, clean feel of this feed; sometimes simplicity is bloomin' marvellous. She has some fab flat lays going on too and I really enjoy seeing her make-up of the days during the week. 

an image of @dadmunk Instagram feed

OK so you can see the theme of this post now can't you? Mandy is another one of my fav US beauty and lifestyle bloggers whose Instagram is simply on point. Great quotes, clean white images with bright pops of colour and rose gold accents running through. Her bedroom is what dreams are made of. When Instagram turned our world's upside down with the latest algorithm and everyone went into a frenzy (quite rightly so 'cus it's shite) Mandy's was the first account I turned notifications on for. She wins on all points really. 

an image of @mandyferrugia Instagram feed

005: @dorkfaceblog 
She's probs the biggest, realist babe in the bloggesphere right now and the genius founder of #thegirlgang, not to mention the fact that we share the same name (you probs know her already), but Gem is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to blogging. She's one of my favourite Northern lasses and is so creative it actually pains me. I MEAN, have you seen her bullet journal? Loving Gem's blog goes without saying, but her Instagram is also picture perfect! Gem also has green hair which makes me love her even more! She's really kind, really sweet and will do anything she can to make the community a great place. She basically wins at life. 

an image of @dorkfaceblog Instagram feed

What are your favourite Instagram accounts? I always love discovering more people!

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