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If you know me, and you know me well, you will be fully aware that I am sucker for cute packaging. The new Rosie Bea for Eylure and Elegant Touch Collection* is no exception. Just look at it! So many cute prints. When those prints involve flowery leaves and geometric shapes, well, y'know I'm sold. I am going to be totally honest with you and say I hadn't heard of Rosie until this collaboration *I know, I know slap my wrist*, but I am so glad I have now discovered both her and her YouTube channel. Rosie is a really sweet girl and after having a lovely talk with her Dad at the recent event (i'm not a creep, honest!), I know how hard she has worked. Rosie Bea's collection for Eylure and Elegant Touch has her aesthetic all over it, which is great to see. Lots of people can get carried away, but she's been heavily involved with the designs and kept it very true to her style, and I really admire that. Now I can appreciate false lashes, but I was most excited about the Rosie Bea x Elegant Touch false nails, even if they do hinder my typing expertise...

An image of the Rosie Bea for Elegant Touch & Eylure range
The full range features six lash styles and six nail designs, each priced between £4.95 and £6.50 - available exclusively at Superdrug. Stylish and affordable you say? Yes they are both that's fo'sho! My favourite lash style is 'Kitsch' because they are 3/4 length. I really struggle with false lashes due to having such small, hooded eyes and cutting them is always such a faff. These are still super fluttery and beautiful when on but are not as dramatic as some of the fuller lash designs. Although, how amazing do 'Frolic' and 'Heyday' look? Basically peeps, I love them all...

An image of the Rosie Bea for Elegant Touch range: Molten & Spotlight
The fun really happens with the Elegant Touch Rosie Bea Nails. I think that many of you will agree that the stand out style from the whole line is 'Spotlight', which I am wearing below. You just cannot turn down a bit of rose gold action, can you? I absolutely love pointed nails, they make me feel like a boss! I was actually super impressed with these nails as they lasted so much longer than I thought they would (just over 3 days to be exact). I am usually terrible with this kind of thing as I go to do things - general mundane things like going to the toilet - and nails always ping off. But not these ones baby, not these ones. I did have a bit of trouble getting used to the length, not so much with using my phone, but typing on a keyboard at work. I did enjoy tapping my nails on the table ALOT, much to my boss' annoyance. I am also really excited by the 'Molten' design, I think it's an amazing print for summer. There are a selection of different prints, but also some plain coloured styles such as orange, navy and truffle which are more chic than boring.

An image of the Rosie Bea for Elegant Touch & Eylure collection
The event we went to was offering macarons that matched the prints, and for someone that doesn't really like macarons, they were mega tasty. They were washed down effortlessly with pink lemonade in kilner jars (with stripey straws ALL THE INSTA-FEELS). The whole atmosphere was really great and totes on brand, I had a great time discovering the range. Which designs are taking your fancy?

An image of the Rosie Bea for Elegant Touch & Eylure collection
An image wearing Rosie Bea for Elegant Touch Spotlight Nails

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  1. I love that the macaroons match the nails aha! The prints on the nails are really cute as well, I'll have to try and hunt some down.

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