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OK, so my inner pastel, bright haired unicorn got enormously excited when I first saw the first full Models Own Make-up Collection*; I could hardly contain my excitement. Originally known for its diverse range of nail polishes, which my nail collection is primarily made up of incidentally, the brand has now released a very colourful line of cosmetics. Models Own has dabbled in make-up before, but never to this extent. I remember seeing sneak peaks of the collection when it made its debut at the PPQ AW16 show, consequently finding myself super giddy over the fact that it was exploring colour and innovation in such a fun, creative way.

An Image of Models Own Debut Makeup Collection
The Models Own Make-up Collection offers a vast range of eye, face and lip products, meaning that there really is something for everyone; no rules, no judgments and – most pertinently - no limits. I had so much fun creating a bright, bold colourful make-up look that was far from what I’d usually go for, but I loved how it came together. The hero product in my little selection is the Sweet Dreams Eyeshadow Palette (£14.99), which comprises a number of delectable, sugary sweet shades; from ice cream (creamy nude) and dolly mix (blue) to apple jack (tealy green) and banana split (yellow). The formula of the eyeshadows, unexpectedly, is really great - really soft and velvety and a dream to blend. You do need a few layers of the lighter hues to get stronger pigmentation, but it depends on the desired look.

An Image of Models Own Sweet Dreams Eyeshadow Palette
I'm also totes obsessed with the new Lip Gunk Lip Paint Kits (£10.99) of which I have two: Fusion, an amazing metallic purple and Wild, a very bright glossy red. These remind me of the OCC Lip Tars and can be mixed to create a completely bespoke-to-you lipstick shade. I mixed these ever so slightly to create my desired hue (seen below). These create such a bold look, but in equal measures, just as wearable. This format is also available as an Eyebrow Tint Kit, which looks very interesting. All about dem brows init?!

An Image of Models Own First Make-up Collection
Speaking of eyebrows, in this look I used the new Now Brow! Eyebrow Pencil & Blender (£7.99), one of many dupes around for the ABH brow products. I really liked this pencil as it glided on and was great at defining my brows. The blender side probably won’t be something I’d use often, but each to their own. The only issue I had with this was the colour, which is slightly too warm for me – I feel the Deep Brown is probably a better match for me.

Image of Models Own Make-up Collection
There are so many wonderful products within this range, however I especially loved using the coloured I-Definer Kohl Pencil Eyeliner (£5.99) - which glides on so effortlessly and is particularly creamy; and I thought the Rock 'n' Rosy Blusher Stick (£6.99) was a really lovely shade and ideal for on the go. The Sculpt & Glow Contouring Bronzing Powder (£8.99) is pretty, but slightly the wrong shade for me, however I was really impressed with the Sculpt & Glow Liquid Highlighter (£9.99) and the pigmentation of the I-Definer Kajal Kohl Liner (£7.99), which I used on my waterline (something I haven't done in years!).

An image of Mermaid Inspired Make-up Look using Models Own
There is also a whole new range of ROSE GOLD, yes I repeat, ROSE GOLD, make-up brushes online, how exciting! Overall, I am really impressed with the Models Own Make-Up Collection, it's great for every day and is very reasonably priced for what you get. I’m still staring at the boxes the products came in, SO CUTE.

An image of a bright make-up look
An image of Models Own Sweet Dreams Eyeshadow Swatches
An image of Models Own Sweet Dreams Eyeshadow Swatches
Models Own Make-up Swatches
An Image of Models Own Make-up Lip Gunk Swatches

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  1. I'm dying to try out so much of their new makeup, but I'm trying to not spend my money atm so I'm holding off. The Lip gunk kits are probably my most wanted item right now, I think they look gorgeous! I noticed they have a metallic electric blue which I'd right up my street! The colour chrome palette looks stunning too but I'm personally not a big fan of cream shadows so I'll probably not actually pick it up! I'm glad to see the quality is looking as good as the choice and colour range though!

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