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It's rather ironic that as I am writing this, the sun is very much in and out of hiding. What is up with the British weather at the moment? One day of sun and then bam, the rain pours, then sunny again - I cannot keep up and would much prefer jet setting off to California (a girl can dream). I thought this post would still hold some relevance though, for those days when we are caught off guard with extreme mugginess, as I for one, really struggle sleeping in the 'summer'. My one complaint about having the top floor bedroom is that it gets sooooo warm at night. I'm not the best sleeper and I am definitely more aware of this when it's particularly warm or muggy in the evenings. I've garnered a few tips in making the nights more bearable in the heat over the years so I thought I would divulge.

Tips For Sleeping in Summer
001: Choose cotton sheets - honestly, this was a game changer for me as - I must admit - I am partial to a bit of cheap polyester from time to time (Primark is a fave for homeware and bedding). If you want to really enhance the cotton experience, put your pillowcases in the fridge or freezer just before bed (yes, really!). Equally, I have found putting frozen peas (they are good for so many things y'know , I'm not just crazy) inside my pillowcases for 10 minutes before I hit the hay. There are 100 cotton duvet covers on offer at Yorkshire Linen for a really great price, including some fabulous white ones, which I know a lot of bloggers covet for good ol' instagram snaps (myself included!).

002: Get loose! - now, I am not the one to sleep entirely naked, I just feel, well, naked. Too naked you could say. I do however wear really comfy clothes to bed; either an oversized tee or roomy shorts and a T-shirt. Let's be honest, my whole PJ collection is from Primark and they have so many cute designs; cheap, cheerful and super cute in pattern.

Tips For Sleeping in Summer

003: Products - those items that are natural sleep aids, particularly those that infuse lavender. Something like the this works deep sleep pillow spray for example! What a little wonder product. I never know if this actually works or if it's more of a psychological thing. Believe it works and you'll often fall asleep as fast as sleeping beauty, eh? Same goes for sleeping pills. Either way, this product really helps relax me and takes my mind off of being too hot. I also really enjoy using the Avene Eau Thermal Water Spray to cool myself down. After my skincare routine i'll give my face a spritz with this and also spray some on my feet and pulse points - two areas that help cool your body down. I'll also always use a candle to help relax me. I love this Prismologie Massage Candle With Oud as I can also use the wax as a body oil. This makes the relaxing scent more potent as it will also linger on my skin as well as my room.

Of course, there is also the obvious tips of using a fan or opening the window, but if you're anything like me, you won't be able to stand the noise of a fan, or the possibility of bugs from outside. If I really have to resort to something, I'll also wet a flannel with ice water and lay it on my forehead. This can get annoying though when it wets your pillow after falling off during the night. Do you guys have any tips for sleeping in summer?

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