Fashion Wishlist // Spring & Summer Vibes

I haven't done a fashion wishlist in so long, but recently there has been so much that has caught my eye. I think this is probably due to the change of season and having absolutely nothing to wear when the weather catches us off guard with scorching sun. I never really spend much on clothes during the summer because, well, we get like two weeks of sun and the rest of the year could genuinely be classed as Autumn. This being said, I definitely need to go shopping! Sometimes I get so caught up with spending my money on beauty bits that I forget that I too need to dress my body as well as my face!

A picture of a spring/summer fashion wishlist

1. Lazy Oaf Bodycon Stripe Dress (£55) - I absolutely love Lazy Oaf; it's a brand that does well at helping to express colourful character and a fun personality. I bought my first Lazy Oaf dress a couple of years ago and I wore it so much that it is now quite literally thread bare. It's beyond worn and so I have been looking at replacing it to get my Lazy Oaf fix. I tried this on in the boutique in London a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with its simple, yet quirky vibe. It's a really thick bodycon material too, which to my surprise, is very flattering. The only downside to the brand for me is that it's more on the expensive side so I can't ever go crazy. I'm definitely going to pick this up soon though.

2. Boohoo Lucy Cold Shoulder Floral Print Swing Dress (£18) - I am all over the cold shoulder trend again this year. I find it works better for me and my shape as opposed to the full blown bardot styles (I love them but they just ping off my shoulders constantly). Obvs when it gets into summer I am all down for floral prints. This is the time when my alter ego comes out.

3: Lazy Oaf Food Button Shirt (£55) - Another from Lazy Oaf, and one you've probably seen all over YouTube and across the bloggersphere. Sadly I don't see much hope of me getting my hands on this as it's always sold out in my size, but I shall keep an eye out. The aforementioned dress I bought years ago had these fruit buttons and I adore them, they're so cute and make such a nice addition to a garment. I may actually remove them from my dress and use them on another piece of clothing. DIY isn't my strongest point though…

4. Zara Backpack (£19.99) - OK so I saw this, ummed and ahhed for about twenty minutes and ended up leaving store without it. Now I fully regret that choice and need to go back into store to get it. I've only recently got into using backpacks, but this looks so much more expensive than it is and is a lovely colour and size for everyday use. I love the boyfriend jeans, stripey tee, stan smiths and backpack look, so this will be perfect for those effortless days.

5. Vivien of Holloway Rio Top Gingham Rose Lilac (£35) - I don't know what is is about hot weather, but it really revives my love for vintage and retro style. In univserity my whole wardrobe - except for a few things - was vintage, second hand or of a retro style. Vivien of Holloway offers so many styles of bygone eras, in super cute nostalgic prints. This pastel gingham number is the sweetest thing - it transports me back to a 1950's diner in America and actually reminds me of a top I had as a kid (I don't know whether that's good or bad.. ha). I'd pair this with some distressed jeans, shorts or even a denim pencil skirt for some casual summer strolling.

6. The WhiteBrand Unicorn Flatform Sliders (£38)- I think my love for these is self explanatory. This brand has some of the coolest sliders going, and although these are technically flatforms (not my usual footwear choice), I'm still very much in love with them. Sliders are a great footwear choice for summer as they're easy to slip on and off without the faff of buckles. I suppose, they're like a trendier flip flop.

7. Zara Printed Shirt (£19.99) - Printed shirts are my new obsession this season, especially quirky 'easy to throw on' styles.  Who wouldn't want a shirt with cute doodles on? more so when they're of ice creams and ditzy hearts and clouds. This is another I am finding hard to track down in my size. I found it in a medium on Oxford Street but my boobies were poppin' a wee bit so I need a large. Anyone sees it, please holla!

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