End of Month Reflection // April

The reasoning behind this month's post image is simple: I have spent the majority of April drinking. Cocktails specifically, from none other than my favs over at Funkin Cocktails. The Elderflower Collins is by far the best in my opinion, and if you're also an avid gin drinker, you'll love it too. Y'all may be thinking, a whole month drinking? is she some kind of alchy? well no my friends I'm not, it was just my birthday month, which - for me - warrants excessive drinking. I'm right though aren't I? Let me see you all nod in agreement. One highlight? Going to Reflex. Y'know how much I love my 80s tunes. This club was a right old cheese fest, and I LOVED every minute. I can't say the same for those who had to witness my drunk squat dancing, though...

I have had a really good month actually; lots of celebrations with friends and family alike. ALOT of food. Quite literally every type of food you can imagine. The diet went out the window and I have now forgotten that April existed and am trying to get back to reality of carrot sticks, rice cakes and soup. Oh the joys. I always go into panic mode this time every year. The weather is getting hotter, my body however, is not. Cue the summer flab!

Also, April saw the launch of our podcast, Beauty Talk, which you can read more about and listen to HERE. Go on, have a listen and cringe with me over my voice. God knows how I am going to cope with YouTube. And yes, that is in the pipeline as soon as I stop spending my money on calories and actually save the remainder of what I need for a new camera. Mine is inadequate for filming, which is mega annoying. Actually that is one bad thing about this month. My technology is failing me. If it's not the camera, it's my Macbook, which is slowly dying on me. I may have to prostitute myself to afford a new one. I KID, I KID. There's no way I am worth the price of what Apple charges...

I also celebrated a little personal goal, but I may do a more in depth post about that if I ever pluck up the courage to do so. We shall see. I want to add more of 'me' back into the blog, but I have become unwillingly censored since I have found out work colleagues and real life friends read this blog. So much easier when you're talking to a sea of strangers, don't you agree?

What did you lot get up to in April?

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