Lipstick // Five Bright Shades for Summer

It's no secret that I have a slight obsession with lipsticks. People enter my room and are astonished by how many lip products one person can own, and mine are simply overflowing all my current storage solutions. As the weather gets warmer, everything gets a little brighter, and that goes for my lip colour too. When I leave the house wearing a bold lip colour I feel great; like I can conquer anything thrown at me. It may sound silly to some, but it really does give me that much needed confidence boost. That is, of course,  until I discover I have been beaming my smile all around south London with lipstick on my teeth. Yeahhh never a good look that. In recent weeks I have definitely put the nude pinks I was previously addicted to down and have started curating my summer lipstick wardrobe. I thought I would share with you five out of my collection that are ideal for creating a bold summer lip statement!

Image of five bright lipsticks
Topshop Straight Ace is probably one of my all time favourite lipsticks. It filled a massive void when I mislaid my MAC Heroine lipstick, but is also very similar to MAC Violetta, just much more affordable. The Topshop formula does remind me a lot of MAC and is incredibly creamy and lasts a good amount of time considering it has a big creamy vibe to it. This is probably one of those bright lipsticks that is actually really wearable for all. I feel like purple in recent times has become as normal to wear as a pink is. I love it!

Gosh Matte Raspberry - The GOSH Matte range is one of the best in the drugstore (imo). They're just one of those products that is totes failsafe. You just can't find fault. This raspberry shade is so poppin' - and I am wearing it today - that you can't help feel like a summer princess. The formula is very long lasting but not at all drying, and it's probably one of the best bullet lipsticks to get a really neat line without wearing a lipliner.

Clinique Poppy Pop - Oh boy of boy, this is such a fresh shade! I love orangey reds and this one is so moisturising and pretty to wear. I can only describe this as if it were an easy to throw on T-shirt; great for adding a bit of colour to your 'no make-up make-up' look on a lazy day. It's just effortless to apply, and considering it's a bright colour, not high maintenance in the slightest.

Image of five bright lipsticks
Illamasqua Vendetta - OK, so this one isn't for the faint hearted, but I think it's frickin' amazing! I wore this on my snapchat ('jemlouiseee') last night and walked around my house with it and I think my housemates thought I was a bit cray for wearing a very bright, cobalt blue lipstick, but I really dig it. I can't say I wear this everyday, because I would be lying, but I definitely want to wear it more than just on special occasions. If you have coloured hair, I think you can get away with bright lips more - including blue - because let's face it, you're deemed a little cray cray anyway. I think blue lips really work well with a flawless complexion and very little on the eyes (basically just a lick of mascara).

MAC Morange - 'cus you cannot get through summer without a bright orange lipstick. This amplified formula is so bright and fun that it definitely needs accompanying by a suitable cocktail (not forgetting the stripy straw and umbrella OBVS). I love the finish of this too; super creamy and comfortable to wear.

An image of Topshop Straight Ace, GOSH Raspberry, Clinique Poppy Pop, Illamasqua Vendetta and MAC Morange
What are you bright lipstick recommendations? 

An image of Topshop Straight Ace, GOSH Raspberry, Clinique Poppy Pop, Illamasqua Vendetta and MAC Morange Swatches
Topshop Straight Ace, GOSH Raspberry, Clinique Poppy Pop, Illamasqua Vendetta and MAC Morange


  1. Clinique Poppy Pop looks absolutely beautiful! I love lipsticks and also have far too many for one person - although I'm starting to pick up more neutrals that can be worn everyday to work and whatnot. But this post is definitely making me want to go out and purchase some bright Spring and Summer releases haha

    Cindy |

  2. Oh wow I literally love all of these, especially that gorgeous blue shade! I have Morange in my makeup bag, I really need to wear it more xx

  3. I love the look of Topshop straight ace it's gorgeous. I have quite a few of the other colours. Do you have any other shades of theirs you would recommend?