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I love a good skincare shelfie, and although technically these aren't photographed on my shelf, I love them all the same. I've switched up my skincare over the last couple of months to give myself chance to try some new products. My skin, despite a few issues with acne on my chin, has been pretty good lately. I had a skincare consultation recently and they said how smooth the texture of my skin is, and that is definitely a result of one of the products I have been trying…

an image of skincare products from Zelens, ARK and Dermalogica
To kick-start my skincare regime I have been using the ARK Skincare Pro Remove Pre Cleanse (£30) and ARK Skincare Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser (£24). I had never used this brand before, so when I was introduced to it I knew almost instantly that it would be a relationship of complete admiration. The product that enthused me the most was the Pre Cleanse. We all know how important double cleansing is, but I was always unsure of what type of cleanser to use first and what one to follow with. This brand makes it super easy. Essentially the Pre Cleanse is an oil that quite literally dissolves every trace of make-up, even stubborn mascara! I also really like that ARK Skincare identifies its products in age ranges to target different skin types. I obviously fall into 'Teens and 20s' which I think really fills a gap in the market. Everything seems to be anti-ageing these days so it's nice to see products that are formulated to our skin when it is at its peak, inevitably preparing it for the ageing process and protecting it against daily pollutants and stressors. The ARK Skin Clear Cleanser is a soap-free facial cleanser with a gel formula, which ultimately feels amazing on the skin. Infused with natural ingredients, the formula balances oily and dry areas to leave skin clear and comfortable. I really like how this slightly lathers when emulsified too, it really feels like it's getting to work without stripping skin of natural oils.

an image of skincare products from Zelens
The only thing I have been using that could have drastically improved my skin texture is the Zelens PHA+ Bio-Peel Resurfacing Facial Pads (£65). I have used similar products in the past but nothing that works as well as these. On application there is a little sting, which is to be expected with the selection of included acids (polyhydroxy, lactic, citric and salicylic), but that quickly goes away. I use these after cleansing or after a spritz of my Liz Earl Spritz Toner and they instantly make my skin feel tighter and brighter. These are fine for my sensitive skin and provide gentle exfoliation for a healthy, glowy, youthful complexion. These are pricy; I am not going to say otherwise, however for 50 pads they last a good time. I've been following this step with either the Zelens Power C (£125) or Power D (£110) concentrates - depending on whether it’s the morning or evening cleanse. In the morning I will use Power D and in the evening Power C. Power D is enhanced by natural sunlight - and due to its price - you wouldn't use this if you were going to be sat in all day. The lipid-replenishing treatment helps to restore the skin's natural barrier and build skin's resilience against environmental aggressors. You can use these before or in place of a serum. I think with Power D, it takes time to see an improvement in your skin, while Power C I could see the benefits after a week of using. Power C is my favourite to use in the evening. The high potency concentrate contains 20% Vitamin C to support natural collagen production, promoting skin's firmness and elasticity. I find come morning my skin is also a lot brighter. The only negative with these is the packaging. They're not really suitable for travelling because they are prone to leak (a fault in packaging which is currently being looked in to). For your shelfie though, they're a staple. I can't wait to have Power C back on my shelf. Let's just say my handbag is reaping all the benefits right now.

an image of skincare products from ARK pre cleanser & cleanserIf I am using a serum, which tends to be at night, I have been loving the Medik8 Hydr8 b5 Serum (£38). This is a very liquidy consistency so go careful with how much you dispense. A little goes a long way. The serum combines vitamin B5 with hyaluronic acid for some high impact hydration, which in turn improves the general condition and feel of the skin. I've also been loving the new Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque (£38), which has been helping clear up my chin. I tend to only use this on the oilier areas of my face (forehead and chin), however sometimes I will put it on all over, leave for a short amount of time and then exfoliate off while I am in the shower. This works really well for tired, lackluster or dull skin. I may do an in-depth review on this soon once I have used it more. 

Moisturiser wise, I have been using the Zelens Hydro-Shiso Balancing Moisturiser (£55) in the morning, which is lovely under make-up and maintains moisture balance all day; and the ARK Skincare Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser (£30) in the evening to hydrate and regenerate skin cells. I really do adore both of these brands and it's great when you find a combination that works for your skin.
  an image of skincare products from Zelens, ARK and Dermalogica
Have you switched up your skincare stash lately?

*this post contains PR samples*

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  1. I too, enjoy a sin are she life or two haha! I'm dying to try some stuff from zelens, especially the PHA bio resurfacing, it's sounds amazing.ive never heard of ark so will have to have a look into those too.