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I am so excited to tell you guys about a project I have been working on over the last few months with my friends Beccy and Lex! You may have guessed it, but I am happy to announce that we've launched a podcast - yay! I have noticed podcasts becoming particularly more popular lately, and I've really been enjoying seeing those that are launching across the UK.

After much research we realised there didn't seem to be a UK-based beauty podcast - they seemed to be more prominent across the US. With this in mind we decided to launch, what we believe, is the UK's first podcast that's 100% dedicated to beauty. With our advantage of knowing the beauty industry inside out (we all work in it someway or another in addition to having our own blogs), we decided to record the many conversations surrounding beauty that we have every time we meet up. We thought other beauty fanatics would love to listen in and hear what we have to say about our experiences in the industry and all about our musings with the array of products we test out.

So there we go. I introduce to you Beauty Talk, the UK podcast all about beauty; from colour cosmetics, skincare, haircare and everything in between. Whether you just want to hear us ranting and raving about the latest releases, or need advice on skin/hair health, there's something for you. We suggest you listen while commuting, in the bath or - as I like to listen - while doing your make-up, but really we'd just love you to listen wherever you may be in the world.

To start off we thought we'd keep it light hearted and have a discussion around our 'desert island must haves', those items we simply couldn't live without if we ended up on an island with minimal room for supplies. At the end of each episode we talk about our 'hits or misses' from the past week - a product we have absolutely loved or loathed.

New episodes will be released every Wednesday and next week's is all about cleansing. Our first episode is now available to listen to on iTunesStitcher and Soundcloud, but you can also find us on Twitter @beautytalkpod. Please give us a listen and let us know your thoughts - we have put a lot of work and time into this little project so would absolutely love to hear what you think. We are all so totally new to this so please bear with us if there are a few bugs (website, social media etc) but we will be ironing those out over the next few weeks. For now though, I hope you enjoy!

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