Mermaid Hair // ghd Azores Marine Allure Styler

You know what you need when you have bright colour hair? Mermaid-esque hair tools. The new ghd Azores collection (£130* each) offers just that: three limited edition ghd V stylers in pearlescent shades inspired by the tropical Azores island. Exclusively available for SS16, the collection includes serene pearl (lilac silver), atlantic jade (green) and marine allure (iridescent), which is the colour I have - by far my favourite. I feel like such a mermaid when using these, I only wish I could be on a tropical island too. I have always been a ghd girl and that will never change, so I am ecstatic to have a new pair.

An image of ghd azores marine allure styler

Each straightener comes with a matching heat resistant bag which is so handy, especially for travelling. I can't actually stop staring at these, they're so beautiful. I had the original ghds for around eight years before they succumbed to death, but these are much more aesthetically pleasing in comparison to the original orange and black hue. Each styler features contoured edges to create a number of holiday-ready hair styles, including beach waves, bouncy curls and the signature sleek, straight look. The black plates are incredibly smooth, which I haven't quite got used to yet as the original pair I had provided much more grip. That's not to say that these don't create incredible results because they do - they heat up really quickly and work really fast at straightening my hair and providing a glossy finish. The patented tri-zone technology works to provide all hair styles without compromising hair health - I definitely don't feel like I am frying my hair off piece by piece when using these.

I also really like that these turn themselves off with an automatic sleep mode if not used after thirty minutes as I always have that horrible pit in my stomach after leaving the house, wondering if I have remembered to turn them off.

an image of ghd azores marine allure styler
Are you a loyal god fan? which colour would you go for?

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