Game Changer // The original beautyblender

Who thought a make-up sponge the size of an egg could give you so many 'feels'. I know, it's crazy but the original beautyblender (£16)* has changed the way I look at make-up application for the foreseeable. I know, I know, it took me a super long time before I tried the real deal after years of using imitations, and although some are great - including the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge -, nothing quite beats the original beautyblender.

An image of the beautyblender in pink
I have started using foundation brushes less and less in the last couple of months, however I do still own a few 'buffing' ones which are great for building up the product until you do the final blend. The beautyblender sponge provides a professional airbrushed finish - it's just so squishy that I can get into all the places and blend to my hearts content. What I love most is that it banishes streaks, which is something I find I get if I use brushes or my fingers - and that ain't pretty. The patent-pending elliptical shape helps not only blend foundation, but also every other cream product imaginable. Into contouring or strobing? you need this baby. The type of sponge material used ensures make-up sits on top of the skin and is not absorbed, which means less make-up waste and a more uniform blend.

An image of the beautyblender in pink
One thing i will say is that this works SO much better damp - it has an open cell structure that only holds the right amount of water. It's probably stating the obvious, but I still see so many people using them dry (I had to tell a friend to wet hers just the other day). The beautyblender is also super easy to clean and because you use damp, it eliminates the time you'd spend waiting for your brushes to dry. I like to use a solid brush cleanser (currently this one), but when that runs out I will be trying beautyblender's own solid brush cleanser.

An image of the beautyblender in pink

beautyblender has expanded so much in recent years, including mini sponges for really hard to reach places, and just recently, the colour correcting sponges - they're so blooming cute it's unreal! Yes they're a bit pricy, for ultimately, a piece of sponge but they are so worth it. I can't believe it took me so long to try, and all my reservations have been eradicated from my mind. I cannot rave about this enough. I wouldn't get a white one though, cus y'know, they get dirty pretty quick.

Have you converted yet?

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