End Of Month Reflection // March

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One year I will manage to get all of my monthly themed posts published before the month is over, but I guess this year just isn’t that year. I also solemnly swear that - from now on - I'll make a conscious effort to not start these posts with a reference to how fast the year is going, but seriously though, what’s going on? To be honest with ya, I can’t actually say I did anything exciting in March apart from eat my body weight and more in chocolate. If you didn’t do the same, we can no longer be friends. Actually that is a lie, I did start something exciting, I just can’t tell you yet. Yes I am being THAT person, soz...

The weather has been so bi-polar this month I don’t know whether to spend my wages on a pair of wellington boots or a sun hat. The warmer, Springy weather has been lush though hasn’t it? I actually got my legs out the other day and sat in a beer garden, and yes that was after blocking my drain with a winter’s worth of hair. You know those yeti boots we wore in the early 00s? well my legs were the spitting image of those. God forbid the weather get any warmer because I think the rest of me is beyond shaving. WHY IS IT SO HARD BEING A GIRL?

Also, I am still obsessed with Sia’s Cheap Thrills - it’s so my jam of 2016 and we’re not even half way through yet. Saying that, I’m still not over Adele. Once I get hooked on a song and learn the words, that’s me sorted for the foreseeable. I feel sorry for my neighbours when I have a shower because singing in the shower is like my favourite thing ever. Actually I don’t feel sorry for them because I am a bloody amazing singer (next bey I'll have you know) and their kid is annoying every weekend so serves them right, init. OH wait, did anyone watch Thirteen? I was SO obsessed with that program that I was actually concerned about my level of obsessiveness. Not as obsessed as when OITNB is on (yay roll on June) but still pretty in to it. Can’t believe it was only five episodes and there are no more. Humphhhh.

I don’t really know what else to say about this past month as I did just hide away after my face exploded in spots. I am only joking, but that was a pretty sucky time. I have sorted out a great skincare regime though which I will be sharing with y’all soon. April is going to be a much more exciting month because it’s my birthday! YAY FOR GETTING OLD AND BEING THE ONLY ONE NOT ENGAGED, MARRIED OR PREGNANT. Pass us the gin, all the gin. Seriously though, birthday months are the best because of all the food and dinners out. Yes my life is that thrilling that the only thing I look forward to is a month of excessive dining. I’m not alone, right?

ps. if you were wondering where my uber cool laptop sleeve is from, it's none other than Casetify which they kindly sent me a little while ago. I adore it and it has a cliche 'dream, believe, achieve' quote on it - the only thing to remind me to be positive. Yes, you have permission to punch me now...

Did you get up to anything fun in March?

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  1. Happy birthday month! Birthday months are the best. Calories don't count all month I say! ;) I really need to get on and watch Thirteen, too, everyone is raving about it! I love Sia's Cheap Thrills too :) x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x