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So, as much as I refer to myself as a make-up snob, there's also no denying that I love a bargain and love stumbling across budget beauty brands that perform just as well as some of my much loved higher end products. When Live Love London landed on my desk my first initial thought was that it reminded me a lot of Makeup Revolution, aesthetically speaking. The packaging didn't blow me away, but I find that a lot with budget brands (I guess something has to give for product to be so affordable), but when I opened up the palettes and gave them a swatch, I was very much surprised at how pigmented they were...

Image of Live Love London Makeup
The ingredients list appears to be fairly cheap (talc and all those other nasties that would send natural bloggers into cardiac arrest), however the product formula does not, which is a really pleasant surprise. The product that wowed me the most was the Live Love London Love Sexy, Love Your Eyes Palette (£6.75)* because - not including Makeup Revolution - I find eye products show their worth a lot more in budget beauty brands, than say, a blusher. As you can see from the swatches below (one swipe swatches by the way) they are absolutely stunning shades with intense pigment. I really like that there is a real mix of shades - eighteen in fact - in this palette, some of which will really push me to experiment more with my eye makeup (the purples and greens as mesmerising). The palette comes with a brush, which I am never going to use, but I guess a palette looks a bit lost without one sometimes. In terms of formula, the shadows are really soft and blend nicely (mainly shimmers with a few mattes), and the fall out isn't half as much as I was expecting. Although the highlight shades are a nice touch, they are probably the ones I won't really use much as they are the less pigmented out of them all, but for highlighting the brow bone or inner corner they're useful.

an image of Live Love London Makeup Eyeshadow Palette
Isn't it a little beauty? I am also very much in love with the Live Love London Love Blush & Light Palette (£6.75)* which comprises six shimmery blush shades. Holy shizzle, they are gorgeous! These provide the same kind of finish as a shimmer brick, but with individual colours rather than a mix. Again, a really lovely selection with great staying power and pigment. Naturally, my favourites are the dusky pinks but I especially love the first brown-toned pink. I like that there is a mix of shimmer, matte and high impact glow!

The brand is available exclusively at BHS stores nationwide, so go have a swatch!

An image of Live Love London Makeup Blush and Light Palette

Live Love London Makeup Blush and Light Palette swatches
Live Love London Makeup eyeshadow swatches
Live Love London Makeup eyeshadow swatches
Live Love London Makeup eyeshadow swatches

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