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It wasn't long ago that I posted about my first foray into Too Faced, and because I fell in love with the brand, I knew I wanted to expand my collection and further explore the products. Well, my friends, I have! I’m now back with a few bits from the Too Faced Spring collection, which - putting it simply - makes me go all giddy; probably more giddy than make-up should. But whateverrrr, I love pretty make-up, and this is beyond pretty, right?

An image of the Too Faced 2016 Spring Collection
What I adore most about Too Faced is that the brand has both style and substance. I have bought many products before on packaging alone and have been let down by the product itself, but that definitely isn't the case with Too Faced. If I had to choose a favourite piece from the bits I have, it's without a doubt, the Too Faced Love Flush Blush Wardrobe* (I think it's now sold out). Like, seriously. You get me, right? You could stare at it all day? I feel ya gurlll. This palette isn't the easiest to transport around, since it doesn't fit into any of my make-up bags, but I seem to make it work. It also now has pride of place on my makeshift dressing table. The palette comprises six miniature Love Flush blushers, which provided the perfect opportunity to work out what I liked and what I could potentially purchase in full when it runs out. For your information, my favourite shades are Love Hangover, Baby Love and How Deep Is Your Love?.

An image of the Too Faced 2016 Spring Collection Love Flushed Blush Wardrobe
I am really into primers at the moment and have really enjoyed using the Too Faced Hangover Face Primer (£27)* when my skin is feeling particularly tired, lacklustre and dull. The bonus, for me, is that it smells like strawberries. Does anyone else get that? The product is infused with coconut water so I don’t really understand where I am getting the fruity notes. Either way, it smells great! The formula is really hydrating and refreshing and definitely wakes me up in the morning – it’s very good at faking a good night’s sleep that’s for sure. Since it’s more like a moisturiser in texture and formula, I do have to wait for this to sink in before applying foundation or it can have the opposite effect and get all slidy on my face. I also really like wearing this on its own on no make-up days as my skin still remains radiant and healthy looking.

Ok, so the Too Faced La CréMe Color Drenched Lipstick (£18)* is now available in ten new shades, in which I have two: Sugar Daddy and 90210hhh (candy apple red). Sugar Daddy is my favourite; I simply adore it. The nude rose shade is the most perfect neutral for every day (not that I need any more nude lipsticks by any stretch of the imagination), and it's definitely one to get your hands on if you love your nudes like I do. The lipstick combines creamy colour with intense hydration for a comfortable wear and has a semi-glossy finish, which lasts a couple of hours before it needs topping up. The product also has a really fresh, sweet scent - I can't precisely put my finger on it, but it's kind of apricoty.

An image of the Too Faced Love Flush Blush Wardrobe Swatches
Love Flush Blushers (l-r): Love Hangover, Baby Love, I Will Always Love You, How Deep Is Your Love?, Justify My love and Your Love Is King

Too Faced La CréMe Color Drenched Lipstick in 'Sugar Daddy' swatch
Too Faced La CréMe Color Drenched Lipstick in 'Sugar Daddy'

Too Faced La CréMe Color Drenched Lipstick in '90210hhh'
Too Faced La CréMe Color Drenched Lipstick in '90210hhh'

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