Monthly Beauty Favourites // February

Ah! February favourites; the time when I start to transition my look into Spring (I am impatient, I want it here now). Over the past month I have tried some great new products from some of my favourite brands, as well as delving into old favourites, and some cult staples that I hadn't yet got my hands on (Too Faced Chocolate Bar, I'm looking at you!). It's been a great month, beauty wise, so I thought I'd share with you what I have been loving lately - it was actually hard to narrow it down this month, and although I try to feature only one product from a specific brand, L'Oréal snuck its way in twice...

February beauty favourites from brands: Too Faced, L'Oréal Paris, Body Fantasies, The Body Shop, Glo & Ray
Too Faced Chocolate Bar (£39) - I included this in a recent haul, but it really has been the only eyeshadow palette I have used since purchasing; all of the shades are incredibly wearable and right up my alley. I love how versatile it is too; I can create looks for both day and night in one nifty palette. I also still can't get over how good it smells. AM I RIGHT, OR AM I RIGHT?

L'Oréal Infallible Sculpt Base Foundation (£8.99)* - Good news for you guys, this foundation hits stores this month (if not on shelves already!). This foundation is a really great 'contouring' base, to the extent that it provides a flawless base so that contouring products (both powder and cream) sit and blend nicely on top. The formula is lovely and light, however it still provides a radiant, medium coverage. My only negative point is that, if I don't have time to blend blend blend, it can be a bit dark towards my jawline and neck, and this is the lightest shade! I am used to this with drugstore foundations now though.

Body Fantasies Pink Grapefruit Fantasy (£3.99)* - I can simply say that I have not used any other fragrance during the month of February. Yes, it's that great. The Pink Grapefruit scent is my favourite and it lasts - pretty much - all day.

February beauty favourites from brands: Too Faced, L'Oréal Paris, Body Fantasies, The Body Shop, Glo & Ray
The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-In-Oil (£15) - I have had this a while, but over the past month I have been making a huge effort to use up skincare products before they go manky. Doing so has made me fall back in love with this product - it's such an easy staple to have in your routine, being both a serum and night oil, and leaves skin super, super soft come morning! This does leave a slight film on the skin, but that doesn't bother me as I can tell it's due to it being super hydrating, and when you wash it off in the morning, your face resembles a baby's bottom. 

L'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim Liner (£6.99)* - Over the past month I have switched up my daily make-up look by rekindling my love for liquid liner. I don't know why I ever stopped - I think it was probably down to sheer laziness in the morning - but I had heard so many great things about this product, that I couldn't wait to try it. I usually stay incredibly loyal to the DHC Liquid Liner, but this is a great alternative for those days when you don't want to use a more expensive product. This is very black upon application, however it does need going over if I am going out in the evening after a day of wearing. Overall though, I have been impressed, especially with how easy it is in helping to achieve the perfect cat eye.  

Glo & Ray La Amo Shimmer Lip Colour (£12)* - This lipstick feels so nice on the lips, and has acted as my transitional shade for the spring when I want to sport something a little bit brighter. The formula is slightly glossy with a hint of shimmer, which is comfortable and moisturising on the lips. I can't for the life of me remember the name (I think it's Valentine - yep definitely this shade), but it's a gorgeous pink-toned hue that will put the spring back into your step (I know, I had to aha). I actually really like the sleek red packaging, and for £12 - an affordable price for a quality lip formula - it's well worth it. 

Glo & Ray Lipstick in Valentine

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